Monday, November 17, 2008

Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter?

this pic has surfaced on the internet


It looks photoshopped to me, Capt Jack, Edward, Sweeney and maybe a little Willy in there... leave your opinions!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Also joining is Crispin Glover (Beowulf and Charlie's Angles) to play the knave of hearts, and Christopher Lee (Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) is rumored to get a role, but so far it's not been confirmed.

Awesome Danny Elfman fanlisting site:
be sure to join if you're a fan of Elfman (which, of course, you are! how could you not?!?!)

Helena Bonham CarterBill NighyBill Nighy
Helena and Bill Nighy (a brilliant man, my favorite movies of his was Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz) have been invited to a charity event in Suffolk. Money raised by the event, held at Holy Trinity Church next month, goes to the Sudbury-based charity Success After Stroke (SAS), a charity which supports those recovering from a stroke and which runs the candlelit concert.
Tickets for the concert, which takes place at 7pm on December 11, cost £12.50 and are available from Holy Trinity Church, The Bridge Project in Gainsborough Street, Sudbury, Boxford Stores and from Viv Bourne on 01787 211060 and Barbara Slade on 01787 222123.

Not Again, You Damn Dirty Apes!

Rumor says that the tale of 'Planet of the Apes' will be remade check out the link (though, I disagree with their remark " After all, Tim Burton's attempt was unsatisfying")

Bruckheimer Talks Pirates 4 And Lone Ranger

Jerry Bruckheimer has been out and about, talking about the big projects he’s producing for Disney, in particular Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and The Lone Ranger. The guys at Coming Soon caught up with him, and got him to address some, if not all of the rumors surrounding those two projects.

He avoided addressing some of the more pressing rumors around Pirates, such as Tim Burton being considered to direct Pirates 4 or Russell Brand being cast in the film along with Depp, but he did drop some concrete facts about where things stand. For Pirates of the Caribbean 4, they’re just starting work on the script. Elliot and Rossio, who wrote the first three Pirates movies are back and working on the new sequel. It seems they’re also writing The Lone Ranger. Bruckheimer says they’re shooting for a 2012 release, and that they’ll do Pirates 4 in IMAX if they can.

As for The Lone Ranger, Bruckheimer laid some of those Clooney casting rumors to rest. Yes, Johnny Depp is playing Tonto, but Bruckheimer says they still don’t know who will be their Lone Ranger. They’re out to find a director for it first.

For CS’s complete interview with producer Jerry Bruckheimer, click right here.

Fable II Soundtrack (featuring a theme by Danny Elfman) Seeing Release

Nell Burton is Cute as Pie

Nell (who's already 11 months old!) , Billy Ray (4), and Helena out for a stroll.