Monday, August 31, 2009

9 Concept Art

These pictures were posted on today:

Shane Acker's 9
Shane Acker's 9

I hope these pictures spark some inspiration because tomorrow begins our 9 Movie contest! If you want to be entered to win a limited edition 9 book, then come to HBCfanclub each day and enter the specific contest. Tomorrow's task is to send in an original piece of 9 art, either done on your computer in photoshop or paint or a hand drawn (or painted or sketched or crayoned ect.) picture that you have scanned and emailed to us at In your email please let us know if you don't want us to share you art on the site, otherwise it will be proudly displayed and you have a chance at your own 9 movie book!

I can't wait to see your entries, and come back each day between the 1st and the 9th and enter the days contest (all contest entires will be accepted until 10pm on the 9th).
xoxo, your friends at HBCfanclub

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Are You an Artist? Want 9 Stuff?

In a few days, the 9 movie merchandise contests will begin, starting with our first contest: 9 Inspired Fan Art!  Enter for your chance to win one of nine limited edition 9 movie books!  So pick up those pencils, pens, mouses, and brushes, and let out that inner artist!  
But wait, there's more!  The fan art contest is only one of the nine contests being held here at hbcfanclub!  There will be a different 9 or Helena related task each day, so be sure to visit the site often and send in your entries for the specific contest. 
The first task is to send in an original piece of 9 related fan art, which we will accept from the 1st through the 9th when the entire contest closes. You can create your art on photoshop or hand draw it and make a scan to email to us. For examples check out these creations made by users of a 9 movie forum,

Contest begins: 1st, Sep. 2009 and ends 9th, Sep. 2009  We will not accept early entries, so be patient and HAVE FUN!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Friday is Newsletter Day!

The newsletter comes out tomorrow (and if you want to win a 9 movie book in our contest that starts next week, then you'll want to get this email!) and if you're not subscribed yet then send us an email at (subject:newsletter, body: the email that you want the newsletter sent to, that's it!)
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~your HBCfanclub site master friends

9 Movie Clips

The official 9 Facebook page has tons of clips from the movie! You can see all 11 of them at here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tim Talks About 9

The Epoch Times talked to Tim Burton about 9, which you can read it in it's entirety here.

“What do I want when I make a movie, what is helpful to me … so we both, Timur [Bekmambetov, co-producer] and I, tried to offer Shane that sort of support. You know I suggested the screenwriter whom I work with, and so I knew that’d be a good mix of people like Danny [Elfman, the film's composer] and wherever I could give anything.”

“The thing that intrigued me about [9] was, you see a lot of personal films, you rarely see the slightly personalized animated films … and that’s what I liked about it. And we’ve all seen post-apocalyptic imagery a million times. But again, I was surprised at how the kind of poetry to this and the sort of quietness and the kind of things between the lines to this that I really enjoyed—the style of animation, the performances going for a more naturalistic [feel]. It just felt like it was in new category in terms of animation.”

Finalized D23 Expo Information

Confirmed details about Disney's D23 Expo coming next month from

The event will be held in Anaheim, California from September 10 to September 13, and will feature sneak previews of the studio's upcoming films for fans, Sci-Fi Wire reports.

The movie clips that will be presented include The Princess and the Frog, Tron: Legacy, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Rapunzel, Disney's A Christmas Carol and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

Several classic Disney movies will also be screened, while the first glimpses of the 3-D versions of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 will be unveiled in their entirety.

Special guests are said to be on hand during the event, which also features a variety of panels such as 'The Evolution Of Mickey'.

Admission is $37 (£22) for a one-day adult ticket and $27 (£16) for children aged 3 to 12. Four-day passes are $111 (£68) for adults and $81 (£50) for children.

Disney recently hinted at the possible title for the 2011 update of Cars.

Helena in Malibu


What's Behind the Numbers in '9'? wanted to know the meaning behind the numbering in Tim Burton produced 9, this is what director Shane Acker said:
"I was just having fun and kind of exploring this idea that these numbers would be versions in some way," Acker said in an exclusive interview last week in Beverly Hills, Calif. "As the numbers get higher, the sophistication of the creatures gets more complex and more refined. So when 9 comes along, he is the last version, the most up-to-date version, the most complete, who has a larger, more holistic view. We just bought into that conceit, and then we tried to have as much fun with that as we could. What does the number 6 mean? What kind of emotions does that elicit, that number? What could this character be? So we tried to separate them all, as they all have their own strengths and their own weaknesses, and together they're able to complete themselves, and they become a whole once they finally get working together."

Read more here.

Is HBC Pregnant Again?

I don't think so, but this article from has popped up:

Tim Burton - The 'Harry Potter' actress - who has two children with her film director partner Tim Burton, Billy, five, and 20-month-old Nell - sparked rumours she is expecting again after she was spotted wearing a succession of floaty outfits.

A source said: "Helena is definitely pregnant, and is really suits her. She has a neat little bump already, and seems to be glowing."

Shortly before Nell's birth, Helena revealed she had struggled to fall pregnant a second time.

She tried fertility drugs and acupuncture, and was considering opting for IVF (in vitro fertilisation) when she discovered she was expecting.

Helena explained: "I think we probably would have tried IVF, yes. Obviously, you don't know what you'd do unless you were actually in that situation. There was an argument for just having one child, because we thought if that's the way it's meant to be, so be it."

I don' t think that because she's wearing "floaty outfits" and because one not very trustworthy source says so that it's true, but I'll put it out there and if there's any follow up saying either she is or not then I'll pass it onto you!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Burton!

Our favorite film director, Tim Burton, turns 51 today. So go watch you favorite Burton movie, read some of his poems and celebrate the wonderful stories and characters that Tim has given us!

Johnny Depp on the Simpsons?

The executive producer of the Simpsons has said they want Johnny to do a voice for the show, so if there is any progress in this story and Mr. Depp does have a part on the show, then you'll hear it on HBCfanclub!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Focus Feature's Official 9 Facebook Page

If you're on Facebook be sure to become a fan of Focus Feature's 9 page (after you check in on the 9 Scientist's page, of course!).

The 9 Movie page has up-to-date photo albums, clips from the movie, and links to other sites (including HBCfanclub ;D)

Happy Birthday, Mr. Grint!

Today, on this 24th day of August, is Rupert Grint's 21st birthday!  Mr. Grint has brought Harry Potter fans much joy by portraying Ron Weasley, and has also succeeded in playing a variety of other roles outside of the wizarding world!  Help HBCfan in wishing our favorite redhead a Happy Birthday by leaving your wishes in comments!

HBC, Tim and Nell on the Beach :)

Helena, Tim and Nell have fun on a beach in Malibu, so cute!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

D23-- Comic Con Gets Disney-ized

If you've been keeping up with the site you'll know that beginning September 10th Disney will be hosting what has been called a 'Pure Comic-Con' Expo in Anaheim California.

The LA Times says: "The event at the venerable Anaheim Convention Center will be a chance for Disney to promote feature films such as Burton's "Alice," "The Princess and the Frog" and "A Christmas Carol" but also will serve as a big tent for Disney's varied empire. Attendees will not only be offered the chance to buy new teen-pop CDs and vintage animation cels, for example, they also will be pitched travel packages for the Disney Cruise Line.

Some components of D23 may eventually travel beyond Anaheim -- perhaps those vintage items, considering the success of the touring "Harry Potter" exhibit -- but overall the expo is viewed as an annual Anaheim tradition in the making.

The D23 Expo is $35 a day (or less with multi-day passes) -- for programming that runs from 10 a.m. past 11 p.m."

You can read a lot more about the venue here.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

How Much Do We Love Helena?

Hey all you loyal HBCfans!  Want the poll results from the past month?  Well, out of the 56 people who voted,  43 people (76%) said "Oh My Gosh... TOO MUCH", 10 people (17%) said "She's pretty cool", 1 person (1%) said "Okay, I guess", and 2 people (3%) said "Helena who?".  We sincerely hope those two people were joking.  Majority of those who voted love HBC very much, and so does HBCfan!  So, thanks for those of you that voted, and keep looking out for new polls AND contests to win 9 merchandise (TBA)!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Wolfman Trailer-- Set To Danny Elfman Music!

The remake of the classic 1941 monster classic, The Wolfman, by George Waggner that starred Lon Chaney Jr. and Bela Lugosi, finally has a trailer-- watch it here!

Look for this movie, with original music by the wonderful Danny Elfman, in theaters February 12th, 2010.

21 Jump Street May Have Picked Up a Director

Catherine Hardwicke (The Director of Twilight) is in early talks with Sony to direct the remake of the TV series, 21 Jump Street, the series which in most ways kick started Johnny Depp's career. The remake has had Jonah Hill's name tied to it for a very long time (presumably a lead character), and the movie is to be produced by Neal H. Moritz.

The film is to be "an action-heavy retelling the original story." If you don't know the origional series it's abouta group of cops that look young enough to do undercover investigations in High Schools and Colleges.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

9 Fanart

Here are some picture that fans have made in anticipation for 9, if inspiration strikes and you feel the need to draw/paint/photoshop a 9 picture, banner, or character picture please send it to us, we'd be proud to display it on the blog!

From a 9 Forum:

[image] [image]

Johnny Depp is SEXY!

Parade Magazine named Johnny Depp the sexiest star, but we didn't need a magazine to tell us, we already knew!

Can't get enough Helena?

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More 9 Character Concept Art

More early concept art of the characters of Shane Acker's 9

The Character 8 from 9
The Character 8 from 9


Concept Art of the Catbeast (sorry if you've seen it before, I missed it somehow)

HBC Plays Enid Blyton on BBC4 has the following article about the lovely Helena Bonham Carter's upcoming role at Enid Blyton:

Bonham Carter to play Enid Blyton

BBC4 plans Margot Fonteyn, Gracie Fields biopics


LONDON -- Helena Bonham Carter will star as English author Enid Blyton, creator of children's books "Noddy," plus "The Famous Five" and "The Secret Seven" series in a BBC biopic.

"Enid," made by Carnival Films, part of NBC Universal, is among the tentpole shows of BBC4's fall and winter season, announced Thursday.

The author struggled to live up to the perfect worlds she created for children in her personal life. In 1942 she divorced her first husband, played by Matthew MacFadyen, to marry her lover (Denis Lawson).

"Enid" is one of four dramas depicting iconic women.

Concept Art for 5 has exclusive concept art of the Character '5' from Shane Acker's 9.

There are also two new clips from 9, the first should be avoided by people who are hiding from spoilers, though.
9 Exclusive Clip

The other is from Animation World.
AWNtv :: 9 - Exclusive Clip

Shared via AddThis

9 Soundtrack

Vishal Dadlani, the lead vocalist for rock band Pentagram, recorded a song called 'There Will Be Nine' and he described it as, "the blend of electronica and rock that we're known for, but it will be edgier than usual, in keeping with the film and its vibe. We received a synopsis, character sketches, and a brief. That was pretty much all we needed to work on the track."

If you're wanting to get a copy of the 9 soundtrack why not start by entering to win a 9 prize package at Just fill out the short form, just but make sure that you're eligible by signing up for the newsletter (I would recommend it).

Five (5) winners will each receive One 9 Prize Bundle containing a T-shirt, Book, Official Soundtrack, and more!

And keep your eyes peeled for the HBCfanclub 9 Movie contest coming soon!

Deathly Hallows Split Revealed!

The actor who plays Gregory Goyle in the Harry Potter films has recently let on that he knows where the last installment will be split into two films.  Here's the post from the glorious 
 'Several weeks ago, a not-for-profit Potter symposium (MuggleMayhem) was held in the UK, and MuggleNet's own Jamie Lawrence was present to participate in some of the events.

Actor Joshua Herdman, who plays Goyle in the Potterfilms, was one of several actors from the franchise who hosted a Q&A session at the event. He revealed some particularly interesting Deathly Hallows information with fans that is worth reporting.

First, Herdman said that the 
current plan was to split Deathly Hallows just after the trio are captured by the Snatchers and right before they are taken to Malfoy Manor. Many fans had speculated this is where the split would be, as it will provide quite a cliffhanger between films. Please note that - while this may be the current plan - the director and producers have made it clear that they could very well change where they had been thinking of splitting it if they thought a different point worked better after filming was complete.

Second, Herdman says that his character will be the one who dies instead of Jamie Waylett's character (Crabbe). This decision was made after Waylett was arrested
 and convicted of c
annabis possession several months ago. Waylett is not expected to return for Deathly Hallows.'

We at HBCfan expect that if this statement is true, then the second part of Deathly Hallows will open with the Malfoy Manor scene...   And you all know what that means:  Helena's big scene!  How excited are you all?  Let us know what you think in the comment section. We want to hear from you!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Scientist Presents: 3&4

The Scientist has been working nonstop, pulling himself from his work only to post this on Facebook:

It’s terrifying to think that you really don’t know what you had in this life until it’s too late.
I’m not quite sure what these creations will do in the future, but one thing is clear, we’ve made so many mistakes in the past.

I want to make sure these foolish decisions are never repeated. To do that, the world collectively must learn, and remember. Not a faint emotional memory, but a clear record of time.

Thus, 3 and 4.

So much energy! So much unbridled childlike curiosity.

They carry the same inquisitive nature as 2, but with unparalleled passion. It’s like history and knowledge provide sustenance to their speedy little bodies.

And I mean SPEEDY. These guys are like little puppies, but instead of running around and chewing on furniture, 3 and 4 open books and tear through them with their eyes. Then they carefully return the book to its place and move on to the next.

I’ve given up trying to chase them around the room.

Their joy boosts my spirits. Yet in the recesses of my mind, I cannot forget the death outside.

9 Movie Contests

Are you craving some 9 merchandise? is giving away the official movie soundtrack, the 9 movie book, a Mini poster, and trading cards featuring all the characters in the film. To enter follow @cinemablend on twitter, then post "@cinemablend Enter me to win the 9 prize pack!" 10 winners will be selected at random. Entries will be accepted until 11:59 PM on Friday, September 4th. The winners will then be contacted and asked to provide their mailing addresses (no P.O. boxes please).

Also, if you're wanting to get your hands on a 9 movie book, HBCfanclub will soon be holding a contest! A post with details will be up soon.

New, Never-Before-Seen Sketch by Shane Acker of 3&4

This image is a never-before-seen character design sketch drawn by Shane Acker during the initial conception of the characters 3 & 4 from the upcoming movie, 9.

About 3 & 4
Communicating visually, not verbally, 3 and 4 are the scholarly twins who voraciously catalogue everything they can see and find, recording and building a massive database for the group of the world that surrounds them and the history that led up to their creation.

If you have been following the Scientist's progress on Facebook and you'll be interested to know this:

As the battle against the machines grows increasingly hopeless, the Scientist has now created a Talisman to capture the last memories of the human race. The Talisman is one of the key new elements within the Scientist's lab on

The Talisman is a key component in the story of the movie "9"... a device integral to the film's Stitchpunk characters. Now fans can create their own Talisman to share their pictures and thoughts with friends. Check out and dive into the World Talisman, where user pics from around the world can be viewed in an "infinite zooming" gallery (trust me you have to experience it - this is the first website to ever do this). Then, create your own Personal Talisman by uploading your own photos, which can then be shared via email, blogs or social networks.

The Talisman holds the last hope for humanity, and is a groundbreaking technology steeped in the world and storyline of "9."

Last Day to Vote!

Hey everyone!  If you haven't already voted on how much you love Helena, you should do it now, because today is the last day to vote!  Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A message from our hero, the Scientist:

Thousands are dead. Although the breakthrough of 1 and 2 has me motivated, it’s hard to be inspired.
Inspiration can come from just about anywhere. The way the wind howls through dead trees can spark a melody in a composer’s mind, the same way that the shape of that tree can inspire an architect’s design. In these dark times, we could all use some inspiration.
Go to the chalkboard in my laboratory and see if anything inspires you… it’s where my best work seems to be born.
Back to work.

New 9 Footage!

Meet the Characters of 9

These are the complete character descriptions from the 9 movie book:

"'Steampunk' is a celebration of mechanisms and an idolization or faith in machines as a future, which emphasizes analog over digital. But in 9, since the world has fallen to pieces it's become all analog. 'Stitchpunk'-- a term which I first heard coined from a fan of the short film-- fittingly describes the 9 characters' aesthetic, in what they physically area and in that they have been designed not as toys but to survive in a barren landscape." ~Director Shane Acker

1 -Voiced by Christopher Plummer, 1 is the Scientist’s first creation. As the elder, he is the self-declared leader of the group. He is clever and sly, but also domineering, quick-tempered, and threatened by the new arrival of 9, whose higher intellect leads him to question authority.

2 -Voiced by Martin Landau, 2 is a kind but now frail inventor and explorer who embodies the Scientist’s strong creative spirit. An inquisitive personality, 2 is fearless. Affectionately described as a “salty old dog”.

3 & 4 -Communicating visually, not verbally, 3 and 4 are twins who voraciously catalogue everything they can see and find, recording and building a massive database for the group of the world that surrounds them and the history that led up to their creation.

Animation Director Joe Ksander says, "Since 3 and 4 have no dialogue at all, it was up to the animators to come up with those performances entirely; for those two characters we were inspired by meerkats and silent film actors.

5 -Voiced by John C. Reilly, 5 is a caring, nuturing engineer - the loyal, big-hearted “common man” who always tries to play the peacemaker. He is also an apprentice of 2, with whom he shares a special bond.

6 -Voiced by Crispin Glover. Although reclusive and eccentric, his bursts of artistic inspiration through drawings made from his pen nib hands may be keys to help his fellow stitchpunk beings navigate their darkest hours.

Director Shane Acker affecionatly says Producer Tim Burton was part of the inspiration for 6, and his physical apperance may infact remind audiences of a character from one of Burton's most famous films.

7 - Voiced by Jennifer Connelly, 7 is a brave and self-sufficient warrior,she is the group’s sole female. A fiercely independent adventuress she has been out patrolling the wasteland. To survive, she has adapted, finding the bones of a deceased bird and crafting her signature skull helmet.

8 -Armed with a giant kitchen cleaver and half a scissor blade, the none-too-bright muscle and enforcer of the group, 8, is created to help the others physically survive the dangerous post-apocalyptic world.

9 -To voice the lead role of the newly born - and aborning hero — 9, Acker couldn’t help but have in mind an actor who was so central to the film set he had worked on years earlier in New Zealand - “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” star Elijah Wood. The director remarks, "For an actor who can play someone naive yet unafraid to follow his instincts, and in so doing emerge as a leader, I knew I wanted Elijah."

"They are all disturbing in their own way-- taking basic houshold utensils and turning them into scary monsters." ~Producer Tim Burton on the Machines of 9.

Fabrication Machine- The Fabrication Machine is the origional and all powerful machine-- a completely autonomous, "thinking" builder whose elaborate, highly sophistocated design, massive size and nimble mechanical arms can construct other machines and beasts using any and all available raw materials. Each arm, and it's body, are able to move in thousands of ways to gather these materials and build it's predatory army.

Seamstress- The Seamstress is one of the most advanced, subversive and terrifying beasts in 9. Director Shane Acker was inspired by the mythological Medusa in his creation of this serpentine hunter. Fashioned with a doll's head, grasping prehensile arms, an intricate thread-spool mechanism and hypnotic eyes, the Seamstress lures her prey out of hiding and stuns them into submission before sewing them up within itself.

Catbeast- The Catbeast is the most primative beast encountered in 9. Taking its name from its cat skull head, this hunter is equipped with retractable razor claws and night vision, and posseses raw brute strength, and surprising ability.

Wingedbeast- A massive and deadly beast that attacks from above, the Winged Beast in in effect a post-apocalyptic dragon whose head is made out of scissors, saws and dental tools.

Star Elijah Wood says, "In 9, when the winged beast appears it's the first time that they've encountered a beast that isn't on the ground. What makes the sequence so scary is that 1 and his fellow stitchpunk beings really truly feel like they've got some sense of sanctuary in the cathedral-- that they can't be harmed-- and suddenly that safety net is torn wide open. It's the first beast that they literally can't hide from. It strips them of all their safety." He adds, "It's an incredible action sequence. The Winged Beast also reminded me of the Nasgul from The Lord of the Rings."

Do you want a limited edition 9 book all of your own? Check back for information about an exclusive upcoming 9 contest only at HBCfanclub that's coming soon!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Scientist Continues with his Creations:

From the 9 Scientist's Facebook page:

Sleep is a luxury I never appreciated until it slipped through my fingers. The skies of day and night blur together like hazy orange and purple paints. In the early hours of the morning (or is it the fleeting minutes of night?), I have created 2.

He is different from 1. He, like 1, leapt from my hand the moment I removed him from the Transfer Device. But whereas 1 didn’t look back, 2 showed a level of concern for me almost immediately.

He carefully made his way across the floor, touching everything in the room as if to better physically acquaint himself with this new world.

And then he did something none of my creations have ever done. He smiled.

Right now he’s in the farthest corner of the room, on the ground, just building a simple pile of scraps. I am glad he is keeping himself busy, as my work is not nearly done. It will be hard to let him go.

I need to sleep.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Elijah Wood on the Cover of "h" Magazine

9 Star Elijah Wood will be on the cover of h magazine's fall issue, which is on sale September 1st. Of course 9 is discussed in the article, this is what Elijah said about his character while on the 9 panel with Tim Burton and Jennifer Connelly:

He is the innocent coming into a world in which he faced with a quest. In 9, there is so much he has to figure out. He throws a wrench into a society that is already established. It’s a fear-based hierarchy. He comes into the world innocent, wanting to understand who he is. What are these machines? How do we get to the bottom of things? He asks the questions everyone is afraid to.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Half-Blood Prince Wins Teen Choice

Just as the title says, the sixth installment of the Harry Potter film series was not only nominated for the 2009 Teen Choice Award, but it also won!  It won in the category  "Summer: Movie-Action Adventure."  All of you know that HBC played the evil witch Bellatrix Lestrange in the film, and she stole the show as the bad guy, or should I say bad girl!  Congrats to Helena and the Potter cast and crew for this award!
For those of you who haven't yet seen the film, go see it and/or read our review!  

Museum of Modern Art Offers Tours of Tim Burton's Exhibition

MoMA will conduct tours of Tim Burton's exhibition on select nights after the museum closes. They will include a one-hour VIP group tour of the exhibition and a reserved preferred seat at that night’s Tim Burton film screening. Tim Burton Tour Nights are limited to 25 people per tour. Tickets are $75 per person ($65 for MoMA members), and must be reserved in advance by contacting MoMA Group Services at (212) 708-9685 or Tickets will go on sale this fall.
Complete information at

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Alice in Wonderland Canvas Tote

I found on Fishs Eddy is selling an Alice in Wonderland canvas tote in honor of Tim Burton's adaption:

"You can never have enough canvas totes. They’re great for trips to the beach and walks around town, and they’re sturdy enough to hold loads of books. In honor of the upcoming Tim Burton remake of “Alice in Wonderland,” why not make your next canvas tote this Alice-inspired one? You can’t beat the price, and the graphic is pretty cute, too. Stop schlepping things around in old shopping bags. Invest in a little canvas! You’ll save a heck of a lot of paper and plastic at the grocery store – and who doesn’t want to save the environment? [$12.95, Fishs Eddy]"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Scientist is hard at work....

The 9 Scientist has been working hard to preserve life on this planet, and at last "1" is awake! Here is his Facebook entry:

So drained. I fear that my old body was not built for this.

But it was worth it… he’s awake. His small eyes squinted under the light of my workbench.
His first acts were those of defiance, writhing free of my grasp.

He’s a stubborn one.

That stubbornness will prove invaluable in this world. It’s a trait I have lacked over the years, something I wish I could go back and learn. But there are some qualities you must just be born with.

His face carries a pride and sense of knowledge that surprises me. I may have designed him, but I never expected such an expressive sense of power behind those eyes. 1 is a leader, that much is certain. Only time will tell if he is a good one. I will release him tonight.

And now, on to his brethren. As tired as I am, I can’t stop designing, creating… I must continue.

- The Scientist

Quote, Unquote

Hey everyone!  HBCfan here!  While I was doing the usual summer chores, I started thinking about things people say to make you laugh when you're down!  This led to the subject of famous quotes, and then finally to Helena quotes... I know there are a lot of great ones, and so I thought that it would be cool if all you HBC fans sent in some of her best quotes!  The only rules are that a) the quotes must be appropriate enough  b) they should have an included and brief explanation of the situation (only if it needs to be explained!)  c) there must be proof that it was said by Helena, and some sort of documentation should be included, and d) HAVE FUN WITH IT!!

Can't wait to hear from you all! (Just send them in via our "Contact Us")  
With that I leave you with this quote:  

"It took me so many years to move out. I'm definitely a bit of a Peter Pan, reluctant to grow up. It all seemed really nice at home-why change it? Part of me would prefer not to have any responsibility whatsoever."  - HBC

Pee-Wee Herman is Back

Paul Rubens is dusting off his red bowtie and his white shoes and is getting ready to bring Pee-Wee back to the stage.
“I’ve put part of him away for a long time, but part of him has always been here with me, I think it will be like riding a bike — which is not a bad analogy for Pee-wee, by the way. I have some fear that he won’t be funny after all this time. I don’t want to ruin it.”

The main stage show will be at The Music Box at Fonda in Hollywood, with tickets going on sale today. "The Pee-Wee Herman Show" will run November 19th-29th. The original Pee-Wee show began at the Groundlings Theatre in 1981, and in 1985 Tim Burton directed his movie Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. It is said to include new songs as well as characters from Pee-wee’s Playhouse.

Read more about Paul Rubens and Pee-Wee here.

Alice in Anaheim

From September 10th-13th Disney is putting on a D23 (D23 was the magazine that had the Alice spread) expo in the Anaheim Convention Center. Stay tuned for updates about the event.

Also Alice posters are for sale on Amazon:

Monday, August 10, 2009

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp Should NEVER Split! asked the horrifying question: Should Johnny Depp and Tim Burton split up? My answer: NO WAY!

CHRISTINE CHAMP says: "I'm not suggesting the cineromance should end. But perhaps Burton and Depp might start seeing other people (at least more than they have been). In any case, I'll hurtle the speculation back at you... Is it time the long-term cinema couple see other people?"

Luckily the poll at the bottom shows that people love the duo and want more and more of them: 85% say they've made some great films, and 15% say they should explore other opportunities, to which I plead: Don't EVER split Johnny and Tim!

Farrell to Play Quixote?

It's been said that Colin Farrell may play Don Quixote now that Johnny Depp has dropped the role. Director Terry Gilliam is said to be "a fan of Colin and it's felt he's one of the few people capable of filling Johnny's shoes."

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Tim Burton produced 9 comes to theaters in one month on September 9th-- 9/9/09, but if you simply CAN'T wait until then here's how to quench your thirst for Shane Acker's movie:

--Meet the Scientist at and read his notes.

--Explore the Scientist's lab at
and create your own talisman at

--Watch the trailer at

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Official 9 Film Synopsis:
A new era in animated storytelling begins on 9.9.09. Visionary filmmakers Tim Burton (The Corpse Bride, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory) and Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted, Nightwatch) join forces to produce wunderkind director Shane Acker's distinctively original and thrilling tale. 9 stars Elijah Wood, John C. Reilly, Jennifer Connelly, Martin Landau, Christopher Plummer and Crispin Glover and features the music of Danny Elfman. When 9 (The Lord of the Ring's Elijah Wood) first comes to life, he finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world. All humans are gone, and it is only by chance that he discovers a small community of others like him taking refuge from fearsome machines that roam the earth intent on their extinction. Despite being the neophyte of the group, 9 convinces the others that hiding will do them no good. They must take the offensive if they are to survive, and they must discover why the machines want to destroy them in the first place. As they'll soon come to learn, the very future of civilization may depend on them.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Trailer

An international trailer for "" has finally arrived via Yahoo! UK. Providing many never-before-seen footage, the promo video offers a lot of footage with portraying the mysterious stranger Tony character and shares first shots at the three actors, , and , who fill in the role following his sudden death. (

Also, here's a picture of Danny Elfman at the LA premiere of Taking Woodstock:

Friday, August 7, 2009

Alice Video Game Screenshot

Disney Interactive has released this new screenshot from the Wii/PC version of the video game adaption of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. reports:
The Wii/PC version of the game follows the film's storyline and expands it in some respects. Alice, helped by friends like the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat, must battle the Queen and save Wonderland. It's said to incorporate an "upgradeable combat system" and numerous unlockables to encourage replayability.

DS and mobile phone versions are also planned, though they obviously won't look quite so fancy. The Wii, PC, and DS will receive the game in March 2010 and the mobile game is due in February. If you want to ogle a slightly larger version of the screenshot, head over to Kotaku."

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Create a 9 Talisman

A message from the Scientist:

I did it!

I have modified the Talisman for a new purpose. I shall not speak of the methods in which I am using the Talisman, as I do not wish to needlessly concern you all.

I need to follow my heart and trust in my abilities, an incredible challenge given that those same 'abilities' were the genesis of this disaster.

My work has just begun... but I see the spark of hope in what I am building. Now is the time to save our memories, for a new tomorrow.

Go create your own talisman at

Burton, Acker, and Bekmambetov talk 9

There is an interview with the brilliance behind 9, Director Shane Acker and producers Tim Burton and Timur Bakmambetov over at Here's a bit of it:

Tim, this is a very unique project. How did you get involved with this?

Tim Burton: Well I saw Shane’s short film and it just blew me away. It was amazing. After going through stuff myself trying to get movies made and people complaining like “Why doesn’t the character have any eyeballs?” and things like that, I think our goal was to just let Shane make his movie.

Did you get this financed as an independent film?

Shane Acker: Yeah, it was a negative pick-up. I mean, the idea was I guess Focus guaranteed the money to buy the film as long as it met X amount of criteria at the end which kind of gave us the creative space to make the film that we wanted outside of their direct input or involvement, although they were definitely involved in the process. We were doing it at such a modest budget that we were able to take the risks and do the things that we really wanted to do and explore in this medium that is typically a medium designed for more family oriented material.

How do you do an animated film with a low budget these days?

Tim Burton: We did it.

Shane Acker: Well, yeah. You just find the right creative team and you make the right decisions as you’re going forward and just be really dedicated to the project and be conservative about your design but not let it be really…because we’re making a world…

Tim Burton: You did your short pretty much in your basement or garage. Right?

Shane Acker: Yeah. I think the technology is in the hands of artists now. You don’t need a whole studio like Pixar in place to do these films. You can take the software and put the team together and make these films yourself, and I think it’s a pretty exciting time because it’s not about the technological challenge now. It’s just about the stories and what is the story that you want to tell.

Did you teach Tim that movies can be made for a lot cheaper?

Tim Burton: Oh yeah. I mean, it’s great. It does allow a certain freedom that you don’t get when you’re dealing with big budget studio [films]. Fair enough. This was such a pleasure. They made the movie and it just was such a pleasure to see if he’d be able to do it and do what they wanted to do without any negative involvement with things. So, it was very liberating to see this process happen.

Johnny Depp Quits Quixote and more Wonderland

Johnny Depp has walked away from a movie about Don Quixote because filming was delayed for a decade, due to weather bashed sets and a lack of financial ability to fix them.
Johnny said: "
I wanted to shoot Don Quixote next spring. He said he's not available and we have both agreed that I'm going to die soon, so it would be nice to get this film under my belt."

Http:// interviewed Tim Burton about his Alice in Wonderland among which are these questions:

Can you explain your vision for Alice In Wonderland?
No, because I still have a lot to do. (Laughs) I mean, we’re trying to make a movie. I just take versions and...because it’s kind of like comic material, although I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a movie that I’ve really liked based on it because it’s always kind of been a series of weird events. Everybody’s crazy and it’s sort of a passive little girl wandering around from episode-to-episode. So even though the books and the stories are iconic, I’ve never felt that there was a film that really kind of made it a film, translated from the story to a film. So that’s the attempt.

What does Johnny Depp bring to the Mad Hatter?
He likes dressing up. I think with the Alice In Wonderland characters, they’ve often been portrayed as just crazy without much subtext and I think he tried to bring something, an underlying human quality to the craziness. He tried to understand it a bit more...We try to give each character their own particular craziness. And he’s good at sort of exploring that, I guess because he’s crazy. I don’t know.

What is your relationship like with Depp?
We seem to get along well and I’ve worked with him many times. It’s always exciting to see what he brings to something. And it’s fun to work with him because it’s like it’s always something different and new and it’s just fun to see. That always is exciting to me.

Read the rest of the interview here.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rob Marshall to Replace Gore Verbinski on Pirates 4

Reports have stated that Disney has been looking at many different directors to replace Gore Verbinski for the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and they seem to have settled with Mr. Rob Marshall.

"For those of you who aren’t so familiar with Mr. Marshall, the announcement comes as a shock because the director is best known for his musical work. He’s only got a few jobs on his resume, but the big one is the 2002 Best Picture winner Chicago, which starred Catherine Zeta-Jones, Richard Gere, and Renee Zellweger. After that, he moved on to a less-musical period drama in Memoirs of a Geisha — which also pulled in some Oscar gold. His next due film is another musical based on an earlier screenplay written by the legendary Federico Fellini. The film is called Nine and it has a juggernaut cast including Daniel Day-Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard, Kate Hudson, Dame Judi Dench, and Sophia Loren." (GeeksofDoom)

How do you feel about all of these cast (Bloom and Knightley) and crew not being in on #4? Frankly I am afraid that it's going to flop and it will ruin the franchise, all because they wanted more cash. Comment with your ideas and feelings and fears, are you happy that they're changing things up or do you want things to remain the same?