Thursday, August 30, 2007

10 minute Sweeney Preview Layout

I found a great site:
On it was the layout of the preview that was shown at the Venice International Film Festival, thought it was interesting. If anyone gets ahold of the actual preview before I do, please get it to me, thanks!


1 - London alleys / People walking down street / Shop / "...Dark street...Above a small shop..."

2 - Depp taps photo / Depp, woman with child / Carter: "Barker his name was..." / "...Barber and his wife"

3 - Rickman turns from man / Police hit Depp, drag him away / Woman with child looks on / "...Everything he loved...Destroyed...Sorrow...New man was born"

4 - From Director Tim Burton (Card) / Ship sails thru London / Depp, boy look on

5 - Dark alley / Depp enters shop, looks at barber chair / Bonham: "Benjamin Barker" / Depp: "No Barker...Sweeney Todd now" / Depp gazes out window

6 - Depp standing outside / Depp, Bonham peer out window at Rickman and man / "...He will have his revenge"

7 - Depp shows Carter razor from case / Bonham: "...Leave it all behind you now" / Depp: "...No...Fifteen years dreaming...Wife and child"

8 - Building / Depp repairs barber chair / Lifts cover revealing child's body / Depp spins wheel / Trap door shut / Depp: "...Desperate times..."

9 - Depp wipes off chair as door opens to shop / Depp: "...Desperate measures are called for"

10 - Intro: Johnny Depp / Depp turns, reaches for razor and holds it in front of his face / Man: "...How about a shave...Good friend Sweeney"

11 - Intro: Helena Bonham Carter / Rises next to Depp / Blows off pastry / Flirts with Depp

12 - Intro: Alan Rickman / Turns from door / Rickman as Depp prepares to shave him: "...Merry mood today Mr. Todd"

13 - Depp sings in street as people pass by / Depp: "I will have vengeance...Salvation"

14 - Door opens to ballroom / Long haired man turns to door / Hand caresses books

15 - Depp to Rickman: "...Guarantee...Closest shave you've ever known" / Rickman raises eyebrow

16 - Man twirls cape / Man to Depp: "May the good Lord smile on you" / Eyes look down

17 - Depp slashes at man in barber chair / Carter brings out pastries / Depp steps on lever sending body down trap door / Carter peeks down / Depp opens razor / Depp, Carter walk on pier

18 - Depp, Carter at wedding altar / Depp tosses top hat down trap / Carter: "...Mad" / Depp nods / Depp, Carter dance

19 - Razor comes down / This Christmas (Card)

20 - Depp waves razor / Cohen: "Mr. Benjamin Barker" / Depp in mirror

21 - Razor / Never Forget (Card) / Bloodied hand touches photo of woman and child

22 - Rickman peers thru peephole seeing man with razor approaching / Depp: "...Years no doubt have changed me"

23 - Razor / Never Forgive (Card) / Woman turns handle on meat grinder as man watches

24 - Pastry cups filled / Carter leans on Depp: "We could have a life, us two" / Depp looks up

25 - Carter opens large oven door / Man smiles / Depp, Carter dance in shop / Woman screams / Depp, Carter in field / Man looks skyward

26 - Rickman presiding in courtroom: "May the Lord have mercy..."

27 - Depp slashes out with razor / Blood splatter

28 - Title: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

29 - Depp with razor: "At last my arm is complete again" / Carter: "...All very well...Do about him" / Hand sticking out of trunk

30 - Music

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sweeney Todd Release

There is no longer a limited release for sweeney so it'll be released nation wide on December 21st, 2007. Huzza!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

Yesterday, August 25th, Tim Burton celebrated his 49th birthday. Happy Birthday Tim!!!

Recent Helena Picture

This was taken on August 2nd, 2007 from thanks to!

Another Sweeney Todd Poster

Isn't it great?!?! "Beware, Beware the dragon that sits on your doorstep. It eats little boys, puppy dog tails and big fat snails. Pull the string! Pull the string!"~Ed Wood

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bellatrix Picture

I just thought this was a great picture of Helena's character, Bellatrix Lestrange. Such attitude!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sweeney Todd movie book

The Stephen Sondheim Society - News Articles has released information about the Sweeney Todd movie book. Written by Mark Salisbury with a forward by Tim Burton. 160pgs, to be published on Dec. 7th 2007 by Titan Books. I am in the process of contacting the publishing company to receive a copy to review, which, if achieved, I will post ASAP.
Click here to pre-order it US: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
UK: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

A Girl Who Is COOL

I just thought that I should let all of our devoted fans who look at this site every day (i.e. nobody) know, that I truly adore all of you (even if you don't exist.) Just remember; if you ever meet someone who is smart, charming, beautiful, and cunning... her name is Christy. Au revoir for now - Chowzer

(dito! Luvs to all you imaginary peeps out there, Sierra, which, except for Helena Tim or Johnny, Is just about the coolest gal you'll find! )


I meant the filming for "Half-Blood Prince" is to start in September. Sorry everyone! Oh, and just to correct my lovely co-webmistress...she meant "Helena's Interview from HP5" Charmant!
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo - Chowzer

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Here's some youtube videos I thought were interesting
a slide show of Johnny Depp dressed in his Sweeney Todd costume.
a Sweeney teaser trailer, kinda interesting.
A on-set interview with Helena about Harry P. 4

a tribute to HBC

Another Sweeney Picture

Here's the first Sweeney picture of Depp and Burton on the set, released by Beauty!

Exciting news for Tim Burton

On Wednesday, Sept. 5th, the (64th) Venice International Film Festival will be holding a 24hour Tim Burton Day. During the festivities they will be showing 10 minute preview of Sweeney. Also, Tim will be rewarded the Golden Lion For Lifetime Achievement. Congrats to Tim! The VIFF has praised Burton regularly for his film, including the stop-motion film, Corpse Bride, one of (soon to be) six previous Depp/Burton productions.

Monday, August 20, 2007

What of "Potter?"

Now that our lovely Helena is pregnant...what happens to the filming of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" in which her part is crucial? Filming is said to start in September. Life truly is quite stressful...(sigh)

Sweeney Preview


A bloody musical about a homicidal barber and his human-pie-making partner doesn’t exactly sound like standard Christmas viewing, but that doesn’t bother director Tim Burton (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). ”Red is a color at Christmas,” he jokes. Actually, the director thinks that his adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s classic musical might make for a better Valentine’s Day option. ”For me, it sort of sums up relationships,” says the director. ”Although people might be horrified by that.”

The movie’s unrequited-love story also appealed to Helena Bonham Carter, who, fortunately for Burton, is his real-life paramour. ”There’s still such a humanity to it, and that’s what Tim always brings,” says the actress, who plays the bizarro baker. Still, Bonham Carter admits that working with her significant other ”has its stresses.” Luckily, her costar is more or less unflappable. ”[Johnny Depp] was really diplomatic. Whenever Tim and I started arguing, he would just look away.” Burton considers this film one of his most challenging productions yet, which means a lot coming from the director of Beetlejuice, Batman, and Edward Scissorhands. ”To do an R-rated musical with 70 percent singing was kinda like, ‘Well, I haven’t done that one before.’ It’s exciting to keep surprising yourself and see what happens.”

Depp, like most of the cast (including Sacha Baron Cohen as a rival barber in his first post-Borat role), signed on having little or no professional singing experience. ”He was game for it,” Burton says of Depp. ”When I first heard him, I was amazed.”

The vocals were more taxing on Bonham Carter, who felt like she was training for ”a sport.” She also logged hours in the kitchen in an effort to learn the fine art of baking. ”I had to do accelerated lessons at pie making,” she says. ”Not only that, but then you had to do it to syncopated Sondheim rhythm and sing at the same time. I had to become very coordinated.” More enjoyable was her transformation into ghostly Mrs. Lovett. ”The look is fantastic,” she says. ”I’d wear this makeup anyway. But it might start a whole craze.” Let’s just hope her recipes don’t catch on.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sweeney News...

So Sweeney has been rated R in the U.S. sort of a strange move because it's 70% singing... that's all for now.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Helena and Johnny talk Sweeney

here's some quotes about Sweeney from the stars, just thought you may be interested.

Johnny:"Tim took a risk when he asked me to play Sweeney Todd because neither he nor I knew if I could sing when I accepted it," says Depp.
"I went into the recording studio with a friend of mine to see if I could do it. My singing's not unlike the mating call of a rutting stag. It's a strange sound, but I haven't been fired yet.". . . ‘

Helena:''I do love musicals - I'm a real musical-whore, you know. This is like a dream come true for me." So says Helena Bonham Carter, taking a seat in the brilliant sunshine outside a Hampstead restaurant, her words delivered in one of the briskest and most instantly recognisable upper-class accents in Britain .

Typically for the actress, her screen roles this year vary wildly, ranging from a dissatisfied thirtysomething wife to a sorceress. But what's exciting her this very second is the film she's been shooting with her longstanding director boyfriend Tim Burton. It's a new adaptation of Sondheim's Sweeney Todd that sees her tackle the role of Mrs Lovett, evil pie-maker and landlady to the Demon Barber, played by Johnny Depp.

"Tim hates musicals," she says, guffawing. "But he's always loved Sweeney Todd. And I've loved it since I was 11. I've always wanted to be Mrs Lovett." '

Friday, August 10, 2007

Sweeney Todd Picture

Finally released is a picture of Helena and Johnny in the upcoming Sweeney Todd.
Special thanks to, a wonderful site, highly recomended!
(click on image for a crisper pic.)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Congrats to Helena!!!

It's been announced! Helena is pregnant with Tim and her's second child! Her due date is December 7th, 2007. I wonder when the baby shower is? Can't wait until the lil' bundle of joy arrives! This will probably cause her future films to be postponed, but we'll keep you posted with baby news!

.More pictures are posted on

Monday, August 6, 2007

What's Next For Helena?

The next two possible movies for Helena are still in post production but here are their plot summary's:

Stand by Love (2008)
After breaking up about two years ago, Helena and Eric McCormack's characters meet up during a transatlantic flight. They catch up and argue, eventually involving the other passengers until they realise that they are still in love. This romantic comedy is set to be released in the UK in 2008 and eventually to be released in the US.

Eleanor and Colette (2008)
Helena plays Colette, a lawyer, who teams up with Eleanor (Susan Sarandon) to sue the mental institution who prescribes Eleanor psycho-pharmacological drugs, eventually forming a friendship. Also tied with the project is Rolf Sch
├╝bel, director, and Sebastian Koch.