Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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We want to know what you're anticipating in the upcoming Harry Potter movie, check out the poll on the sidebar!

Johnny Depp is Not Dropping Pirates

Lately there have been may articles claiming Johnny Depp may be replaced as Capt. Jack Sparrow (laughable) and that he wants to quit the 4th Pirate movie, but a Disney spokesperson has siad these stories are “completely unfounded,” so look for more news about the project here, the film will hit theaters Summer 2011.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Johnny Depp directing a music video?!

This is so amazing:

Johnny Depp makes his directorial debut filming a music video on Tuesday (September 22) at Hatfield House in Herts, England.

The 46-year-old actor directed the music vid for the British indie band Babybird, which is fronted by Stephen Jones. Also featured in the vid is British actor Stephen Graham (This is England, Snatch!).
While filming, Johnny was seen slipping a noose around Stephen Jones’ neck as well as taking a few cigarette breaks.

Check out some Babybird music on their MySpace.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Geoffrey Rush is excited for Pirates 4

Geoffry Rush (who plays Captain Barbosa in the Pirates films) is excited for Pirates 4, On Stranger Tides. He says, “They’re waiting for the screenplay writers to put together something that’s beyond the trilogy, take it off into a new direction so that it’s fresh and hopefully really interesting for an audience, that they’re not going to just sausage-machine out something else, which wouldn’t be so good.”

Too many internet reports have exaggerated Johnny Depp's lack of enthusiasm about the movie, due to the loss of Dick Cook, but I believe he will follow through with the movie (that's my thoughts, other sites seem to be stretching what Johnny said about being sad to not work with Cook, but he has also said that Capt. Jack is his favorite role, and he has the most fun on the pirates set, but what do you think will happen?). Though Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom are said to have turned down On Stranger Tides, which is mostly true. It's hard to tell what reports are official, most are kinda sketchy, but this is where the film stands now, return to HBCfanclub for the latest Pirate news! =D

HBC to be the Voice of Macmillan Cancer Support ad

Helena will be doing a voice over for an ad by Macmillan Cancer Support, who provieds free phone service for people with cancer. A 40 second ad will begin on October 4th and run for 2 months on TV, so listen for HBC on your TV, and we'll try to find a video of the commercial for the site when it comes out!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


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Burton and Harrhausen

Wanna see Tim Burton interviewing Ray Harryhausen? I knew you would, follow this link:

Harry Potter Ultimate Editions Trailer!

Hey all you HBC fans! Well, as you all know, Helena is a HUGE part of the Harry Potter series, and so, on a related note, we thought you'd like to see the trailer of the Ultimate Editions of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's (Philosopher's) Stone, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets! It shows some amazing bonus features including: the original screen tests of the trio, exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes commentary, and MUCH MORE! Check it out here!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Johnny May Drop out of Pirates 4??

 If you haven't heard, Mr. Dick Cook has left the disney family after working there for 38 years, which has made Johnny Depp consider dropping out of Pirates 4, he says: "He said, 'I'd like you to hear it from me before you hear it from someone else or read it. He said today was my last day. He didn't give me a reason."

Cook was the reason Johnny got involved in the Pirate movies in the first place, "He said, 'We're thinking about doing this 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie, I said I was in. This was before there was a script or anything."

About doing the 4th movie:
 "There's a fissure, a crack in my enthusiasm at the moment. It was all born in that office."

When his decission is revieled, you'll see it on HBCfanclub right away.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tim Burton Inspired Photo Shoot

Tim has inspired, and did a cameo in, the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar, check out these pictures from

Helena's next role? reports HBC is in negotiations to play Britain's Queen Mother in The King's Speech, directed by Tom Hooper. Pirates of the Caribbean star, Geoffrey Rush, and actor Colin Firth are also attached to the project. 
Firth says, "The film takes place before she took on the cuddly Queen Mum mantle, when she was much younger, making Helena ideal. This was when her husband - then the Duke of York - was going through the Abdication crisis and had to prepare himself for public speaking."
The movie should be filmed in London late this year and released late in 2010.
More information will be posted when it's released!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Half-Blood Prince on DVD

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be available as a Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray discs featuring the theatrical film and special features, standard DVD disc featuring the theatrical film, and Digital Copy of the film) for $35.99, 2-disc Special Edition DVD for $34.99 and on single disc DVD for $28.98 on December 8th, more details at

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Pictures! has a gallery of stills from The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, here are a few:

See them all at the link above.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9 Featurette

The offical 9 facebook page has added new videos, including a 9 featurette that you can see here.

You can also checkout 9 TV Spots, trailers, and clips at their page.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Good 9 Review

I liked this review of 9 from

"Computer graphics have become a staple of modern cinema. Few movies are released without CGI, and many recent computer-animated films — such as “Wall-E” (2008) and “Up” (2009) — are favorites of our generation.
As a fan of this expanding medium, I find it disappointing that computer animation is never featured in action and horror movies. For this reason, it was a thrill to watch “9,” which finally introduces the computer-animation genre to a more mature audience.
“9” is an absolutely gorgeous film full of suspense, and the animation makes it possible for the creators to include sequences that would be impractical with live action."

Finish it at the link above.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We want to hear from you!

There is less than a week left to vote on our poll, and we want to know, what do you want to see on HBCfanclub? More graphics, contests, fan art? Or something else? We ask if you'd comment on this post with any changes or additions you'd like to see, because we want to make the site better for you! And if you ever have and complaints, compliments, or comments you can email them to and we'll get back to you quickly.

And don't forget that we're looking for fan art, so if you have any original pieces that are HBC, Tim Burton, Danny Elfman, or Johnny Depp related, we want them!

We hope to hear from you!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tim And Johnny in Anaheim!

So we knew that Tim Burton was going to the D23 Expo today, but I didn't know that Johnny Depp would show up! AND he was dressed at Capt. Jack! WHAT?! And Disney released the title of Pirates 4, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

LA Times Blog reports the excitement:
As 5,000 fans jumped to their feet, the star emerged in full character, with his bleary ballet of the forever besotted Jack Sparrow.
Cracking wise about rum he also said he'd like a little snack -- that nice frog named Kermit who had been on stage earlier and "probably tastes like chicken."

I wish I had been there... If you were lucky enough to be at the expo please comment with your experience! And if you're sad for missing out like I am, go ahead and voice your sorrows in a comment as well, maybe it will make you feel better...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Contest Winners!

We'd like to congratulate the winners of the 9 Movie Contest!
Cris.. Lovett :)

If you're name is up there, check your email! If not, we still loved your entries, please try again in any future contests we may have!

We're aiming at posting the winning entries and some honorable mentions this weekend, so be patient!

Thanks for participating, Helena Fans!

Thanks! News, Reviews

Hey all, I just wanted to continue to thank everyone who entered the contests!  We received some stunning art, some witty poetry, and many other fantastic entries!  For those who entered almost every contest... we take our hats off to you!  
As far as other site related news goes, we expect to have a fan art page in which we will post the entries from the contest (with entrants permission) and other fan art you wish to send in!  We hope to get that up and running fairly soon, though we are quite busy!  
If you haven't already seen the new poll, check it out!  Remember that there's a new poll about every 1 to 2 weeks!  Think you have a good poll question?  Send it in!  We'll review it, and you might just see your question on the site!  
Overall, this has been a fantastic week.  We got great contest entries, have new plans for the site, AND I was fortunate enough to see 9 on the opening day with my site partner (read her review here.)  I thought it was absolutely brilliant, the animation was revolutionary, and the voice talent was perfect!  I would encourage you all to go and see it if you haven't already, and if you have, send in your reviews to be posted on the site!
Have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend!

Pictures From Anaheim!

Exciting news for people going to the Disney D23 Expo tomorrow (Friday), Tim Burton will be there at 11am!
And here are more Alice photos from the event (I'm thinking I'll probably come across some more soon, so check back soon):

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9 Has OUTSTANDING Visual Quality!!

Dearest readers,

I just returned from the theaters this 9th of September in 2009, and I had my mind blown by the movie, 9! Other reviews have said that it lacked plot and had weak storytelling, but I think the story was told beautifully through the animation, music, and images. The movie didn't need a detailed script to tell it's tale. It is definitely one that you need to see on the big screen!

You had to love each of the rag dolls for it's own specific charm, and they were amazing fun to watch, and the detail of the scenery demands that you watch the movie again and again. So if you haven't seen it yet today, go catch a late showing because it's just not the same if you don't watch 9 on 9-9-09 =)

That's pretty much what I had to say, it was a great, very Tim Burton-y movie, and you should see it, discuss it, and love it!

Send us your reviews, and send in those last minute contest entries before 10pm to

The FINAL 9 Contest

We've been getting some AMAZING entries these last 8 days, and here's your last chance to be entered to win an official, limited edition 9 Movie Book, just answer this question:

What is Tim Burton's favorite stitchpunk character from 9?

Send your answer to and you can also send in entries from any previous contests until 10 Tonight, winners will be announced sometime on the 10th and the best entries will be posted!

Thanks for showing so much love to Helena and the site, send in those final entries, and be sure to go out and see 9 in theaters tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wanna hear about Alice?

Read this interview from The Wrap:

Watch Elijah Tonight!

Elijah Wood will be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon TONIGHT at 12:35 am PST/EST on NBC

Got 9 Reviews? Send 'em in!

Hey all you loyal HBC fans!  According to the last poll, many of you are sure you're going to be seeing 9 when it comes out.  Well, when it does, we'd like to hear from you!  If you want to share your thoughts about the film in a review, go right ahead!  We'll post the best reviews for everyone to read!  Have a lovely day, and don't forget about the contests (all contests end 10 pm on 9th September!)  

9 Movie Reviews

If you're interested in reading some reviews of 9, follow these links:

Visual marvels, not enough story in '9'. Director expands his perfect short, but needs more.

In the world of '9,' less was more

Ebert: '9' worth seeing, but disappoints

Valley of the rag dolls: "9"

The Scientist Gives the World 9

From the 9 Scientist's Facebook Page:

I am alone, consumed by the ringing in my ears. It’s so quiet out there. My body is cold and fatigued, vision blurry.

I haven’t heard from anyone in days. Maybe they had to reroute after the strike? But as a pragmatist, I can only assume the more likely outcome and continue on my path.

I am sorry everyone. This world was a place of tarnished beauty, but a place worth fixing nonetheless. And all I ever wanted to do was give my part in fixing it.

We had so much potential… so much promise. But we squandered our gifts.

For whatever it’s worth, these are my new gifts to the world.

I am so empty and alone up here.

It is time.

Our world is ending, but life must go on.

- The Scientist

9 Movie TV Spots

Here are 3 new TV spots for 9:

Contest #8 - Authors Wanted!

Hey all you Helena fans!  We've got another exciting contest for you all to win a limited edition 9 movie book!  And speaking of books, have you ever wanted to write about something from the world of Tim Burton?  Ever wanted to create a poem about Helena?  Well here's your chance!  The 8th contest is a Helena Bonham Carter or Tim Burton inspired poetry contest!  Think this sounds too difficult?  Well, you can write about something as simple as Helena's hair or style.  Think it sounds too easy?  Well, let's see what you can come up with!  The rules are below:

1) Include your name and a brief explanation (if needed) in the email.
2) Make sure punctuation and spelling is correct (unless a lack of it is part of the style).
3) Use your judgement! If your poem is too inappropriate, we cannot select it!
4) Be creative and don't be afraid to use humor!
5) The poem should be reasonably sized, but you may use your judgement on this as well!
 6) Please do not plagiarize! 

Monday, September 7, 2009

Elijah Wood talks about being a Stitchpunk

Elijah Wood was interviewed by The Examiner, you can read the entire interview here.

Here's a highlight:

How would you describe your "9" character?

[The character named] 1 has kind of created a rule over the others in a means of protecting themselves against the machines, and 9 comes to this world without any knowledge of all [of] the others, the machines. So he’s completely innocent. So there’s this sort of courage and questioning of the innocence he has that he brings to the others, who have stopped questioning and stopped looking for answers and remained sequestered. So it’s a very searching character, a very open [character] — not at all hindered by the fears that the other characters have. So it’s a lot of fun to play — definitely more courageous.

Can you compare your experience to working on "9" to working on "The Lord of the Rings" series?

[He gives a weary laugh.] This is going to happen for the rest of my life. I think there are parallels. I think it’s an adventure story. They [9 and Frodo Baggins] are different characters, but there’s a similarity in … being given a sense of responsibility and a sense of maybe a quest. In this film ["9"], the character is really driving the others to search. [The characters of] 1 through 8, for the most part, have stopped looking for answers. They’re totally hindered by fear and these machines that exist, so the function of 9 is really to put pressure on those characters. He’s a little bit more forthcoming with his drive for answers.

Keep Up the Good Work!

Hey HBC fans!  Just a note to all that are continuing to show their support of hbcfanclub and HBC herself: YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!  Thanks for sending in amazing art, witty captions etc.  We're getting close to the end of the contests (Sept. 9), but until then, we'd like to remind you that you can still enter any of the contests (or all of them) if you haven't already!  Just look on your right and you'll see a full list of the contests so far!  Have fun, and thanks again!

9 Movie Contest-- Sept. 7th

If you want another chance to win a 9 Movie Book, simply name these Tim Burton Characters;
Email your answers to and you'll be entered to win!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

9 Book Contest: #6

Here's your next chance to win a 9 movie book:
1) go to
2)Create your own talisman
3)Email us the link to your talisman (it'll be a unique URL, so make sure you send the right one) to, if you don't want us to post the link just say so, otherwise we'd love to have a big community of Helena fans saving their memories!

That's it just 3 easy steps! So go do it! :)
love, your Helena loving friends of the blog!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Heartfelt Contest Update

Hello all you dear Helena fans!  Before I proceed with the usual contest info, I must say this: we've had some truly stunning entries, and we just want to take the time to thank all of you for participating and showing hbcfanclub how much you love HBC and friends!  You all rock!
On a less sentimental note, I would add that if you haven't entered a contest yet, get to it!  Remember, you have until 10 pm (pacific time) to enter for the chance to win a limited edition 9 book!  So keep up the good work and have fun!

Friday, September 4, 2009

The 5th Contest is....

A TRIVIA question! WooHoo!

If you want to be entered to win a 9 Movie Book, simply answer this question:
Who are two of Danny Elfman's musical inspirations? (Hint: the answer can be found at one of the sites on our link list).

Send the answer to

9 Photo Gallery with Commentary has a photo gallery of 9 movie stills, with commentary explanations! Follow the link to view the gallery and learn more about 9.


Have you sent us your entries for all of the contests? For the latest Look A Like picture contest, you can send us pictures of your best Helena Hair imitation, or characters from any of her, Tim or Johnny's movie, or a 9 character, use your imagination! =D

New Clips From 9!

Here are videos of Elijah Wood on MTV and G4 with exclusive clips from the movie:

And new images from the movie, thanks to

Newsletter today!

Subscribe now if you want it in your inbox, we'll tell you about contests that are coming before anyone else knows! Email us at; Subject: Newsletter Body: your email

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Contest #4 Begins! HBC Look-alikes!

Alright, so perhaps we're starting a tad early, but we couldn't resist!  The fourth contest begins...NOW!  Okay, so your task (if you're entering) is to dress up as either HBC or some of her friends and make yourself look as much like her/them as possible!  The official rules can be found below!  HAVE FUN!

HBC and Friends Look-a-Like Contest Rules:

1:  Participants must attempt to look like one of the following people: Helena Bonham Carter, Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, or any other character from an HBC/Burton film.

2:  The photos sent in MUST be appropriate (keep in mind that many HBC fans may be below the age of 18)  This means: no inappropriate poses, no nudity (even if you really think you look like the person enough to lack clothing), etc.  

3:  A minimum of 3 props may be used in the photo.  Props are items that are not directly part of the person/character's costume.

4:  When you send in the photo, please include the following:  Name, description of your character, and your favorite thing about the character/person you chose to look like!  Short and simple descriptions are ideal.

5:  HAVE FUN!  Keep visiting HBCfan and tell your buddies about the contests! 

(The picture above is an example of an HBC look-alike.)

Keep Entering!

Hello all you wonderful Helena fans!  Just reminding you that contest 4 of the nine contests is coming up soon!  Keep entering the previous contests and get ready for more fun times!  (See the sidebar listing our contests to get information!)  Good luck, and thanks to all who have already entered: you rock!

Shane Acker says he's open to a sequel

Director Shane Acker hinted at a sequel to 9: “I think everyone's poised to see if the films works, if it finds an audience and makes some money. I think everyone is chomping at the bit to see if it does, and if it does, then maybe there will be an opportunity to make a sequel. I think it would be a great world to revisit.”
I haven't even seen the movie yet, but I think I'll be wanting more from Shane's post apocalyptic world. What do you think?

The Scientist is making much progress!

Here's the latest of the scientist's creations: 5-8!

If you want to see more 9 artwork, why not try to win a movie book? Check out our contests ;)

Elijah Wood does more press for 9

Elijah Wood will be giving you sneak peeks of 9 on MTV tonight from 9-11 p.m. PST/EST, so watch it, TeVo it, or come back later to see if I found a video of it on the internet :)
Here's a video of Elijah's appearance on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien: Part 1

Part 2:

If you're a tweeter, you should go follow Focus Features because they're giving away a signed 9 Movie poster every time they get 99 new followers, details are on their Twitter page.

Follow up on a previous story: we posted a story about Tom Binns's collection of Alice in Wonderland inspired jewelry, here's a picture of a necklace from the collection:

Johnny Depp on Hulu! is having a Johnny Depp marathon, featuring the movies Benny and Joon, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Cry Baby, and 21 Jump Street episodes! So have fun watching the wonderful Johnny Depp on your computer, and remember to enter our contests to be entered to win a 9 Movie Book!

9 Book Contest #3

Here's your next chance at winning a limited edition, official 9 movie book-- A HBCfanclub Banner contest!

Here's our current banner

and we need a new one, so send us your photoshop masterpieces! You'll be entered to win a limited edition 9 movie book, and if yours is chosen we'll display it right at the top of the site (so make sure you're OK with everyone seeing it!).
If you photoshop a banner and use copyrighted images be sure to cite it, but (hint, hint) we'd love some original artwork (you can hand draw/paint/color something and scan it, if that's what you fancy) to have exclusively on the site.

As always send entries to before 10pm on September 9th, and come back tomorrow for another chance to win a book (After you enter the previous contests, of course!)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9 Movie Exclusives and Tim Burton Interviews has a two part 9 exclusive, part one was posted today and can be found here. There were some picture's included that I haven't seen yet (maybe you have, I don't know...):
Part two of this story comes out tomorrow.

A Tim Burton quote has been going around about his relationship with Johnny Depp:

"It's very nice to have someone that you can have a completely abstract conversation with and leave the room, feel like everything's fine, and then realize that if you pick it apart, you have absolutely no idea what either of you said." —Tim Burton [MTV]

And check out this Q&A with Tim over at,

What's your favorite animated film?
[Long pause] I'd have to pick something that had a lot of impact, which was "Jason and the Argonauts" [by] Ray Harryhausen. That really had an impact on me. The stop-motion animation and the kind of reality and scale of it at the time when I saw it was really amazing.

Would you ever want to remake that film? They're remaking "Clash of the Titans."
[Chuckles] I know. Nah, I think it was good.

How are things coming along with "Dark Shadows"?

I haven't really started that at all. I still have to finish "Alice." So that's a big job ahead of me. It's way too early. [Laughs] Probably in a year's time.

Any ideas that you've already been thinking up for it?

Well, just to try to capture the tone. It was a strange show, it has a strange vibe to it. And that's, I think, key to it.

"Alice" has been all over the place, with photos and trailers and you guys at Comic-Con.

Usually I don't talk about something before it's done. So it's been an odd situation because I [still] have so much work to do. I'm not scared of [all the special effects], per se, but I'm a bit daunted by the time and the unknown quality of it. But that makes it exciting as well.

What about "Frankenweenie"?

Still early. Like I said, the focus I have is "Alice." It's hard to think of anything else that requires a large amount of work.

But that's on the table.
Oh yeah, afterward, yeah. Exactly. Slowly get started.

I saw the latest "Harry Potter" last night, which stars your partner, Helena Bonham Carter. She makes a pretty mean baddie.
[Jokes] Yeah, she's a good witch. She had a lot of practice. She's good at that.

Does she ever come to you for tips on how to channel all that darkness?
No, she keeps it all personal. She keeps it all for her own uses, yeah. Witchcraft uses. [Laughs]

New York's Museum of Modern Art is doing an exhibit on you later this year. That was a little unexpected.

I feel like it's a weird dream—I'm not sure that it's real. But it's very exciting. That's probably more scary than a film, in a certain way. It feels a bit more exposing. I'm trying not to think too much about it. I'm trying to remove myself a bit from it—a bit of an out-of-body experience.

Your films have such a consistent, dark vision. Do you ever wake up wanting to do something crazy like a romantic comedy?
[Chuckles] No. Well, I thought "Sweeney Todd" was a romantic comedy in my mind. So, I think I've already done it. [Laughs] But not the way you're thinking, because that would be scary. But some of those are so scary, they're like horror movies anyway. They don't need my help.
Read it all at the link.

My 9 Fan Art, Let's See Yours!

Late last night I made my own 9 fan art based on these pictures:

And this is what I created:

Not the best quality, but taking a picture of your drawing with a digital camera is just fine, so get out your colored pencils, crayons, or paints (or mouse! you can make something on the computer) and send us your art, and you'll be entered to win a 9 movie book!
Also enter the caption contest, and come back tomorrow for another contest to enter.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Caption Contest!

 Hey HBC fans!  Time for contest two: the HBCfanclub Caption Contest!  I'll post a picture, (and its  links in our Gallery), and all you have to do is come up with a witty caption to go with it!  Note that entries should include: Your name, your caption, and anything else you think would be appropriate!  In your email, you should state whether HBCfan has your permission to post the caption on the site!  If you would prefer not to have us post it, simply let us know!  Have fun, and remember, entries will be accepted through September 9th!  Have fun!

Here's the photo! 

Fan art and Contest Reminder!

  Keep sending in that 9 Fan Art, HBC fans!  We're looking forward to judging all of your awesome art!  Remember, contest two begins in just a little over an hour!   All contests will accept entries from the day they're posted to the ninth of September, so keep up the good work!  Have fun!

Elijah Wood on Your TV Screen!

Earlier this evening Elijah Wood talked about 9 on Access Hollywood (I told you I'd post it ;D )

Later tonight he will be on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (at 11:35pm, but if you don't want to stay up that late I'll try and find a clip of that too).

Tomorrow he is scheduled to be on Attack of the Show tomorrow (Sept. 2nd) at 7:00 PM so be sure to tune in to that on G4.

Have you sent us your 9 Fan Art yet? Be sure to send it in before the 9th, and check back daily for the newest contest to win a limited edition 9 movie book!

Tim Burton/Shane Acker Interview and HBC is Nominated for a Spike TV SCREAM Award

The title pretty much sums it up, Helena is nominated for "Best Villain" for her role in Harry Potter as Bellatrix Lestrange.
The movie itself was nominated for Best Fantasy Movie,' 'Best Squeal,' and 'Best F/X' categories, while The Death Eaters attach London has been chosen for 'Scene of the Year.' Also Daniel Radcliffe was nominated for 'Best Actor in a Fantasy Movie or TV Show,' Emma Watson for 'Best Actress in a Fantasy Movie or TV Show,' Evanna Lynch for 'Best Supporting Actress,' and Rupert Grint in the 'Best Supporting Actor'.
The SpikeTV SCREAM awards air on October 27th at 10:00pm on US cable network SpikeTV.

Movies Online interviewed Shane Acker and Tim Burton about 9, which you can read here.

Are you working on your 9 Fan Art? If not, you better get started if you want to win a 9 Movie Book!

9 on TV

Watch Access Hollywood TONIGHT for 9 coverage (check your local listings). I'll try to find a video of the show tomorrow to post if you miss it.

Don't forget to enter our contest!!

Alice in Wonderland Jewelry?

Tom Binns is designing a line of Alice inspired jewelry in time for Tim Burton's movie. The line was promoted in Vegas at the Grand Hall of the Vegas Convention Center, where performers acted out an edgy version of the tea party, complete with dancing, a man on stilts throwing cookies, and banners that read “Alice is the new black” and “Who will you wear to the tea party?”

The White Rabbit, do you suppose he can break dance?

9 Contest-- Day 1!

This begins HBCfanclub's 9 Movie Contest!
Everyday between now and 9-9-09 we will have a new contest on the site and a new chance for you to win a limited edition 9 Movie book!
Once a contest is posted we will accept entries until 10pm (Pacific Time) on September 9th.
The first contest is...

Send us your original 9 inspired fan art!

-Create a masterpiece based on the Tim Burton produced movie either on your computer (with paint, photoshop, ect. if you use an actual still from the movie in your piece please cite it!) or hand draw, paint, sketch something and scan it to send to us. (Use your imagination! The more creative it is the greater chance you have at winning!)

-Email us your picture at

-If you don't want us to post your picture please say so in the email, otherwise by sending it to us you agree to allow us to proudly put it on the blog (with any kind of name or caption you want attached to it, so please specify!)

-Drawings will be accepted through the 9th, and we'll keep reminding you of all of the open contests. All book winners will be randomly chosen from the correct entries we receive.

-If you have any questions leave a comment or email us and we'll answer it as best we can.

-Have fun!