Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Scientist Gives the World 9

From the 9 Scientist's Facebook Page:

I am alone, consumed by the ringing in my ears. It’s so quiet out there. My body is cold and fatigued, vision blurry.

I haven’t heard from anyone in days. Maybe they had to reroute after the strike? But as a pragmatist, I can only assume the more likely outcome and continue on my path.

I am sorry everyone. This world was a place of tarnished beauty, but a place worth fixing nonetheless. And all I ever wanted to do was give my part in fixing it.

We had so much potential… so much promise. But we squandered our gifts.

For whatever it’s worth, these are my new gifts to the world.

I am so empty and alone up here.

It is time.

Our world is ending, but life must go on.

- The Scientist

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