Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Danny Elfman to do the Music for Ballet

This will he the first time our favorite conductor will bring a ballet to life with his adored music. Read the article about it here.

Ms. Tharp's new ballet will be realised on June 3rd at 8pm by the American Ballet Theatre in the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. For more information call (212) 362-6000 or go to abt.org.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Hmmm, (in a british accent) I wonder if Johnny will let me stay in his castle...

Incase you didn't know our wonderful Johnny Depp owns Bela Lugosi's supposed house named 'Mt. Kalmia' which is close to his club, the Viper room. I wonder if he'd let me "borrow" the key for awhile.... (heehee) He has been spotted Fressingfield, Suffolk at the Trendy Fox and Goose Inn, being turned away because he had no reservation (I would have let him eat there!) apparently he's looking to buy another home there. I need to go chill in Fressingfield for awhile! =)

Also, TNBC3D brought in more then $3.34 million in receipts.

From http://ap.google.com:
Tim is quoted recalling the pursuading he had to do to get Sweeney going,
"I remember I did try to pitch it as a musical with lots of blood,"

With frequent collaborator Johnny Depp in the title role, Burton finally succeeds with an adaptation of the musical about the murderous 18th century Londoner who turns his barber business into a shop of horrors.

This time of year is Hollywood's most diverse, offering a mix of dark drama vying for Academy Award attention, action, horror and fantasy sagas, and light comedy and animated films.

For more on Mt. Kalmia, read this article from www.nypost.com.

Friday, October 26, 2007

"Captain Jack" Gets In Trouble

Someone, when being arrested claimed to be Captain Jack Sparrow, Savvy? Read the article about it here.

News Of Johnny's Next Movie, Shantaram

From http://www.apunkachoice.com

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan says that film success is very much about the story not the actors.

Mr. Bachchan joined BBC for a live interview of the London Film Festival speaking about forthcoming films The Last Lear and ‘Shantaram’ whilst listeners called in with their questions.

Mr. Bachchan, when asked why films flop or not, said, "Actors just fulfill a duty I don't think that they have the power to alter the fate of the film purely because of who they are and their presence in the film".

‘Shantaram’ features Johnny Depp and is due out in 2008. When asked why he had never accepted offers for Hollywood before Mr. Bachchan replied, "Because it never came! We don't plan things like this - these things just happen! Mira Nair came across to me and said I want you do this role... I liked the role and thought its Mira Nair, its Johnny Depp, its Hollywood, and its Warner Brothers so I thought ok - we'll go ahead - I don't think it's a deliberate plan".

Mr. Bachchan spoke freely about Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag too, the recent Sholay remake that flopped.

"It's true it hasn't gone down very well. I had a good time playing the villain, I was very keen to do Gabbar's role when it was first narrated to me. I wasn't allowed to do that then and now I was and it wasn't accepted by the people you just go along with what the people want. It was interesting to play the villain and try and do all kinds of nasty things on the screen - having played and being a goodie for my entire career.”

Mr. Bachchan also said that maybe a remake of ‘Sholay’ should never have been considered.

"Now that you look back at it the answer would be no, but when we were working at it we said why not? We got our response from the audience and that's where the chapter ends.''

About his controversial role in Nishabd where he plays a man in his 60s romancing who is attracted to 18 year old girl Mr. Bachchan said, "All criticism is always fair, because they come from an audience that has paid some money, gone and seen a film and not liked what they've seen, so yes, it's their right to tell us what they didn't like and what they liked. It's for us to take up what we want to do from there.”

“I think what went wrong with ‘Nishabd’ was that people looked at it as a social and moral issue rather than a challenge for an actor or challenge for a director to make a film on a subject which could be as sensitive as ‘Nishabd’ and that's what went wrong with the film. They seem to idolize their leading men and heroes and they want them doing all the right things in life. But you know we are also actors and want to be challenged with different situations. I took ‘Nishabd’ on as a challenge. I do believe Ram Gopal Varma made an excellent film.”

More TNBC3D Reviews

Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is one of those classic movies from my childhood that shaped my view of art. It kept me enamored with animation for my entire life, opened up the world of stop-motion animation and made me love musicals. This new, 3-D version doesn't add any new scenes or change any of the plots. Instead, it makes an already visually impressive movie even more visually impressive.

For those not familiar with the "Nightmare Before Christmas," it follows the story of Jack, the Pumpkin King, a kind of a ruler/administrator for Halloween Town, the source of Halloween. As an immortal, he's been causing fright since Halloween first began. He's been at his job for centuries and he's not just good at it, he's the best.

However, Jack has long since become bored with scaring people. He wants to find something new. So, after one Halloween, Jack wanders away from Halloween Town and winds up in a forest that serves as a nexus for the towns of the different holidays. Curious, Jack opens a door shaped like a tree and falls into a wonderland of joy, color and snow.

After exploring this Christmas Town, Jack gets it in his head to celebrate Christmas instead of Halloween this year and returns home to explain it to the other denizens of Halloween Town. Unfortunately, none of the citizens of Halloween Town understand the holiday as well as Jack does, and Jack barely understands it at all. This leads to a near disaster on Christmas Eve as Jack goes on his journey of discovery.

The new version adds nothing to the movie, which is something of a blessing and a curse. None of the excellent songs or characters is altered in anyway. However, it still has the same problems the plot did in 1993. Oogie Boogie's role is still underplayed, which is something of a problem because his role is something of a mystery. He's not really the main antagonist, that would be Jack's misguided ego, but he's still a bad guy. It's as irritating now as it was 14 years ago.

Of course, what's important is how effective the new 3-D element is for the film. For the most part, it doesn't really add anything. It just makes some of the scenes look pretty neat. However, there are a few scenes where the added depth of the third dimension really adds to the picture.

The best example is right at the end when it's snowing. I felt like I could reach out and pluck the snowflakes right out of the sky as they fell. It was beautiful.

Read the rest here.

And another one...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rumor Has It...

Sweeny Todd is said to be 160 minutes long, Tim's longest movie so far, but people who've seen it say it's a little under 2hrs, so I'm not sure...




A list of news articles from the last 3 days,

Nightmare Before Christmas 3D;

Danny Elfman;

From http://www.winona.edu
"Most Underappriceiated Six-stringers"
6. Steve Bartek – Oingo Boingo
Who? Anyone familiar with the new-wave outfit can probably only name-drop Danny Elfman from the lineup but guitarist/orchestrator/producer Steve Bartek is a true genius in his own right. In terms of technical skill he’s in the same league as Harrison and Robertson but his style is impossible to imitate and completely unique to pop music. Bartek has remained under the radar his whole career only because of the band’s limited success.

Sweeney Todd;

Johnny Depp;

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

More Spook's Apprentice News

Check out IMDB's page about it here.

Tim Burton's Next Movie?

Apparently Tim's next movie is his adaption of "The Spook's Apprentice" supposed to be released 2009,
learn more about the original here.
I'll keep you posted!

Sweeney Todd News

First of all, Tim and Helena have gotten the O.K. to build a $18,000 shed/playroom at their London home, giving Billy-Ray and the next little Burton/Bonham Carter that's on the way more space to play. Information from http://www.contactmusic.com

Second, a Sweeney article from http://goldderby.latimes.com

"That does it! This time it can't be, oops, an accidental oversight. The omission of Johnny Depp singing in a trailer previewing the film adaptation of the Broadway musical "Sweeney Todd" was suspicious enough when the first trailer came out. Gossipmeisters buzzed: Ha! I knew it! Johnny can't sing. This film's gonna be a flop! What the heck was director Tim Burton thinking casting Johnny in the first place?! Desperate to do damage control after that scuttlebutt made the rounds, studio reps chimed in: No, no! The movie's great! Just wait and see."
Read the rest of the article at the link.

And finally the Sweeney soundtrack will be released December 18th so look for it, here's the cover:

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lucky, Lucky, New Yorkers...

So, on November 14, at the Rose theater Sweeney footage will be shown, here's the details:

Wednesday, November 14 at 8:00 pm
Rose Theater
Frederick P. Rose Hall
Home of Jazz at Lincoln Center
Broadway at 60th Street, New York City

Admission: Orchestra & Mezzanine: $50 FSLC Members & $60 General Public; Balcony: $40 FSLC Members & $50 General Public. Reserved seating with limited ticket availability in some sections of the theater.*

Witty, often elegant and always unpredictable, the films of Tim Burton have created a special niche for themselves within contemporary cinema. A born spinner of tall tales, whose subjects have ranged from Martians to Z-list Hollywood directors to, now, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Burton takes audiences places they’d never thought they’d go—and in ways they couldn’t have imagined. We’re delighted to welcome Tim Burton for an evening of conversation, clips featuring some of the greatest moments from his films, and a “first look” at his eagerly anticipated screen adaptation of Sweeney Todd, marking his sixth collaboration with Johnny Depp.

Stephen Sondheim Society Give News Of Sweeney And Photos

"The dates for the UK press junket for the forthcoming film of Sondheim and Wheeler's Sweeney Todd have been announced as November 23rd - 25th, although this may be subject to change.
The tentative dates for the US one are December 1st - 2nd in Los Angeles." ~the Stephen Sondheim Society

" I will have vengeance. I'll have salvation!"

The Discombobulating Truth...

However could I describe how great Helena truly is? Her underestimated greatness usually goes unnoticed because of her non-avarice actions and "placid" attitude. Haha...
Her unpredictable style, meticulous acting skills, and deft hairstyles (yes, you must be deft to achieve such awesome hair.)

"I drink booze, I smoke, and I'm hooked on caffeine. I actually have been known to swear at times and belch and even raise my voice when provoked. And I'm not physically repressed!"
Helena Bonham Carter

"I love changing what I look like because I always feel super strange whenever I do watch something that I'm in."
Helena Bonham Carter

"I was like one of those nauseatingly nice children. I was very, very well behaved and boring."
Helena Bonham Carter

"It would be nice to really shed the corsets."
Helena Bonham Carter

"Multitasking? I can't even do two things at once. I can't even do one thing at once."
Helena Bonham Carter

Oh Helena... Your certainly not nauseating (not to say your impolite or anything!), and you're not physically repressed!!! Multitasking is so overrated....

Pretty good, huh Mr. Pryor?

Monday, October 15, 2007


I don't think thst Corpse Bride and Sleepy Hollow were misses!!! GRRRRR..

Tim Burton

Tim Burton is easily one of the most unique directors in Hollywood today. All one needs to do is look a still from one of his films to know that it has his name written all over it. Burton implements a distinctive use of production design, costumes, cinematography and music (usually composed by Danny Elfman) to set his films apart for the norm. In fact Burton naysayers have argued that most Burton films suffer from style over substance, but as I am a Burton fan I don't agree with that at all.

Burton started out as an animator for Disney in the early 80's, working on such films as The Fox And The Hound and The Black Cauldron. His first foray into live action directing was a cute little black and white short called Frankenweenie('84). While the film is juvenile and silly one can still see Burton's stand out style shinning through.

Burton has had very successful career but by no means is he perfect. Like all directors his had his share of misses, financial and artistically, although not necessarily at the same time. My personal favorite film of his, Ed Wood, earned an Academy Award for Martin Landau's brilliant performance as Bela Lugosi, but financially it was his least successful grossing just under $6 million, almost a third of the cost of the film. So just how good a director is Tim Burton? Let's let the films speak for themselves.

Batting Order:

1. Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (1985) - Hit - While Burton only got this job because every other director turned it down, this was a fantastic first outing for the young filmmaker. He made a memorable kids film that got him a lot of notice and put him on the map.

2. Beetle Juice (1988) - Hit - Burton took his time choosing his next film and he chose wisely. This quirky dark comedy stood out from every other film at the time and Burton proved once again he could be a profitable filmmaker and maintain his artistic integrity. In fact it was the success of this film that convinced the studio he could handle his next one.

3. Batman (1989) - Hit - Burton went three for three with his first high budget studio film. The summer of '89 was Batmania. Not only did Batman become an instant blockbuster but it paved the way for all the comic book films that followed. Burton proved that a serious comic book movie could be made and enjoyed by all. The only sad thing about this film is that the recent Batman Begins has completely over shadowed it but that does not take away from this films original greatness.

4. Edward Scissorhands (1990) - Hit - Burton once again returned to his quirky roots to bring us this wonderful fable about a man with scissors for hands. This magical film perfectly represents Burton's capricious style and mentality. This film also proved that Johnny Depp was not just the pretty boy that he portrayed on 21 Jump Street. This was Burton and Depp's first pairing and created a director/actor team up to rival Scorsese/De Niro.

5. Batman Returns (1992) - Miss - All good things must come to and end. Sadly, it was Burton stepping back into the world the Bat the brought him his first big strike. What a mess of a movie this is. It's awkward, uncomfortable, and generally unpleasant to watch. Very little in this film works on any level. Still, it's better than anything Schumacher spewed out.

6. Ed Wood (1994) - Hit - Not only is this my favorite Tim Burton movie, but it's my favorite movie of all time. With the film placed #191 on imdb.com's Top 250 list I'm obviously not alone. Johnny Depp as the hapless Ed Wood is marvelous. To see how much he loves filmmaking yet fails every step of the way is heartbreaking. This film is reason I decided I want to make movies.

7. Mars Attacks! (1996) - Hit - This is a silly fun film that is barely a hit. It easily could have been a miss if not for the fantastic performances by all the great actors including two off the wall characters played by Jack Nicholson.

8. Sleepy Hollow (1999) - Miss - Where as Mars Attacks! was barely a hit, this one is barely a miss. Depp is wonderful as the clumsy Ichabod Crane as he tries to solve the case the Headless Horseman. This is a fun film but it feels as if Burton is doing it by the numbers so some of the film falls flat for those who aren't hardcore Burton fans.

9. Planet Of The Apes (2001) - Miss - Why did someone think that a remake of Planet of The Apes would be a good idea? And why the hell did Burton agree to that? This is hands down Burton's worst film. It's agonizingly painful from beginning to end. Why, Tim, why?

10. Big Fish (2003) - Hit - This film is Burton's return to form. Big Fish is a whimsical fairytale full of magic and wonder. Ewan McGregor seems right at home in Burton's world, but the really kudos' here go to Albert Finney who is wholly remarkable. Scoring #204 on imdb.com's Top 250 this is easily Burton's second best film.

11. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (2005) - Hit - Once again Burton dares to remake a beloved classic. Only this time he succeeds admirably. This is perhaps Burton's most debated film. There are some who ever refuse to acknowledge it, loving the original too much. However Depp proves that Wilder is not the only one who can play the candy loving Wonka and young Freddie Highmore is simply charming as Charlie Bucket.

12. The Corpse Bride (2005) - Miss - While Tim Burton did not direct The Nightmare Before Christmas, he does take on that role with his second stop motion film, The Corpse Bride. Sadly, his second venture into the art form did not produce satisfactory results. There is no arguing that The Corpse Bride is a beautiful film with wonderful imagery, but the story, songs, and characters are completely lackluster and forgettable. This is indeed a case of style over substance.

It is a shame to end this list on a down note and we can only hope that Burton's next film, Sweeney Todd is another hit for the auteur.

In the twelve films reviewed here Johnny Depp has stared in five of them. The upcoming Sweeney Todd will mark their sixth collaboration. But even when Depp isn't around, Burton manages to find himself some fantastic leading men. Out of these twelve films we have 8 hits giving Mr. Tim Burton a directing average of .666. Somehow this number is exceedingly appropriate for the quirky director and his strange array of films.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Helena Talks About Her Pregnancy

Helena Bonham Carter: 'I would have tried anything, even IVF'

Last Updated: 12:01am BST 15/10/2007
Page 1 of 2

Helena Bonham Carter, alternative therapy devotee, tells Andrea Manzi-Davies how she resorted to fertility drugs in her quest to conceive a second child at 41

Pregnancy at 41 certainly agrees with Helena Bonham Carter. Seven months into carrying her second child, vibrant and beaming, she is licking big globules of Marmite – her latest craving – off her fingers.

Helena Bonham Carter
Helena Bonham Carter: "Hormonally, I was all
over the shop"

She knows she is lucky. Not because of her successful acting career maintained over 25 years but because, after trying for two long years, she finally managed to conceive naturally.

Bonham Carter already has one son, Billy Ray, four, with her partner, the cult film director Tim Burton, best known for the Gothic Edward Scissorhands and two of the Batman films.

read the rest of the article here:

Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas 3D

Here's some links to check out. A link with a * next to it might help to find a theater near you. Don't forget, Old Jack and his town of halloween characters return to theatures November 19th, 2007 so mark your calenders!

This is the best site for locations in Southern California so visit here first: www.family-vacation-getaways-at-los-angeles-theme-parks.com*

BBC movie reviews* (Only locations For Great Britian)
Coming Soon.net (Trailer, Poster, TV spot, Check it out!)
TNBC3D official site*
Mrmovietimes.com* (change from cleveland to your region in the find theater bar above the movie poster)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf3PurIYc48 (trailer)

Also TNBC3D will be released at an earlier date (October 21st, '07) at Disney's El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, California. Check out the website here if you're gonna be in Hollywood around that time.

Hope this helps! ♥ HBCfan

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Teenfreeway ; Sorry This Is Not Helena News

Sooooo, there is this cool site http://teenfreeway.com (free samples stuff... kinda fun)
and if you post something like this on your blog then you'll be entered into a contest for a free tote bag or other prizes, enter here. This sounds like a cool thing to try out, so if you have a blog enter, you might win... and don't forget to checkout the site, sorry that this has nothing to do with Helena, my great appologies, there isn't any new news today but I'll keep you posted as always!

♥ HBCfan

Friday, October 12, 2007

HBC day

If anyone dersses up as our wonderful HBC for Halloween I'd LOVE to get pictures to post on the site! I'll do it, I'm going as Mrs. Lovett... I'll post this again so bear with me, but please, if you're planning to go as HBC or one of her characters please send me a picture of it, hbcfanclub@gmail.com, maybe if we get enough applicants we can have a contest of something, prizes maybe? hmmm, I'll have to think about it some more. If you're interested talk to me! great idea chowzer!!!

♥ HBCfan

Sweeney Rating

So the pressure that was put onto Tim to cut scenes from Sweeney so that it would go from R to PG-13 didn't work. The official MPAA rating is R for 'graphic bloody violence' ♥ sounds fun!
Nothing is being cut, read more about it at baltimore.broadwayworld.com.

I can't wait!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


The official "I love HBC Day" is on Halloween (31 October) Dress up and act like her, or the gnomes will do things to you!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

HBC sweeney pictures from trailer

Thank you so-o-o-o-o much helena-world.com

Also rumor has it, Empire magazine (crime edition in UK)
has a large Sweeney poster in it!!! go look for it today, make sure it's in there when you get it because it's not stapled in. ty http://www.sweeneytoddforum.org.uk/.

The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D

On October 19th, TNBC will return to theaters in the U.S. so make your calenders!
Apparently they're also playing Vincent (a great Tim Burton short dedicated to his hero, the late Vincent Price, check it out on youtube here)


She is Rockin' it.

From the Suntimes- Chicago

Helena Bonham Carter
British actress Helena Bonham Carter, who played Bellatrix Lestrange in the last "Harry Potter" movie, is on her second child with goth king fiance Tim Burton. "She is rocking it," says Erlich. "She has her hair pulled up and she's beautifully put together."

Goth king, I like it!

read more about other prego peeps (although they're not as cool a Helena) here.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Brief Article About The Relationship Between Johnny, Tim And Helena

From http://www.digitalspy.co.uk:

Johnny Depp's turn in 1990's Edward Scissorhands was the first in a long line of wacky roles for director Tim Burton. After starring in Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride and Sweeney Todd, Depp gushed of his pal: "[Tim] is a brother, a friend, my godson's father. He is... someone that I would go to the ends of the earth for, and... he would do the same for me." Helena Bonham Carter went a step further in her own five-movie partnership with Burton by moving next door to him and having his children.

cute huh? Read about more directors and actors here.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


HOO YA!!! It's being first shown with "the HeartBreak Kid" coming out tomorrow in the U.S. or see it on the web (YIPPEE!) here.
HOORAY!!!!! This is Great I'm so happy.. =^)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sweeney Trailer Soon?

It's Coming...

Beware! the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Sweeney Todd!
And this month.... The Trailer!!! Look for it on the site, sometime in October.

Sorry it's not very exact... =^)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Burton To Remake Frankenweenie?

"I guess we can't punish Victor for bringing Sparky back from the dead..." ~Frankenweenie

Rumor has it that our favorite director, Tim Burton will remake his 1984, black and white short frankenweenie into a yet another of his wonderful stop-motion creations. Www.slashfilm.com sums it all up well in their article here.
I think that, even though his stop-motion films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride are amazing and I love them dearly (enough to memorize them!), I enjoyed Frankenweenie in it's original wonderfull-ness. Remaking it would be just another opertunity for Disney to make more money (atleast in my opinion). As said in the article, Frankenweenie was one Burton's first films along with Vincent (another grand stop-motion, dedicated to his, and all of ours, hero the late Vincent Price) and was shunned (might not be the best word but oh well) by Disney, and it was only until they saw how successful his other films were that they hired him back to do Nightmare. Well anyways, I'd love for everyone to read the article and to hear your opinions, do you think he will (or should) remake Frankenweenie???

Love to all, HBCfan