Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Discombobulating Truth...

However could I describe how great Helena truly is? Her underestimated greatness usually goes unnoticed because of her non-avarice actions and "placid" attitude. Haha...
Her unpredictable style, meticulous acting skills, and deft hairstyles (yes, you must be deft to achieve such awesome hair.)

"I drink booze, I smoke, and I'm hooked on caffeine. I actually have been known to swear at times and belch and even raise my voice when provoked. And I'm not physically repressed!"
Helena Bonham Carter

"I love changing what I look like because I always feel super strange whenever I do watch something that I'm in."
Helena Bonham Carter

"I was like one of those nauseatingly nice children. I was very, very well behaved and boring."
Helena Bonham Carter

"It would be nice to really shed the corsets."
Helena Bonham Carter

"Multitasking? I can't even do two things at once. I can't even do one thing at once."
Helena Bonham Carter

Oh Helena... Your certainly not nauseating (not to say your impolite or anything!), and you're not physically repressed!!! Multitasking is so overrated....

Pretty good, huh Mr. Pryor?

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