Monday, October 29, 2007

Hmmm, (in a british accent) I wonder if Johnny will let me stay in his castle...

Incase you didn't know our wonderful Johnny Depp owns Bela Lugosi's supposed house named 'Mt. Kalmia' which is close to his club, the Viper room. I wonder if he'd let me "borrow" the key for awhile.... (heehee) He has been spotted Fressingfield, Suffolk at the Trendy Fox and Goose Inn, being turned away because he had no reservation (I would have let him eat there!) apparently he's looking to buy another home there. I need to go chill in Fressingfield for awhile! =)

Also, TNBC3D brought in more then $3.34 million in receipts.

Tim is quoted recalling the pursuading he had to do to get Sweeney going,
"I remember I did try to pitch it as a musical with lots of blood,"

With frequent collaborator Johnny Depp in the title role, Burton finally succeeds with an adaptation of the musical about the murderous 18th century Londoner who turns his barber business into a shop of horrors.

This time of year is Hollywood's most diverse, offering a mix of dark drama vying for Academy Award attention, action, horror and fantasy sagas, and light comedy and animated films.

For more on Mt. Kalmia, read this article from

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