Monday, October 22, 2007

Sweeney Todd News

First of all, Tim and Helena have gotten the O.K. to build a $18,000 shed/playroom at their London home, giving Billy-Ray and the next little Burton/Bonham Carter that's on the way more space to play. Information from

Second, a Sweeney article from

"That does it! This time it can't be, oops, an accidental oversight. The omission of Johnny Depp singing in a trailer previewing the film adaptation of the Broadway musical "Sweeney Todd" was suspicious enough when the first trailer came out. Gossipmeisters buzzed: Ha! I knew it! Johnny can't sing. This film's gonna be a flop! What the heck was director Tim Burton thinking casting Johnny in the first place?! Desperate to do damage control after that scuttlebutt made the rounds, studio reps chimed in: No, no! The movie's great! Just wait and see."
Read the rest of the article at the link.

And finally the Sweeney soundtrack will be released December 18th so look for it, here's the cover:

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  1. Johnny and Helena have really great voices and they sound good singing together.I am totally buying the cd and the movie when iy comes out to DVD.