Thursday, September 3, 2009

9 Book Contest #3

Here's your next chance at winning a limited edition, official 9 movie book-- A HBCfanclub Banner contest!

Here's our current banner

and we need a new one, so send us your photoshop masterpieces! You'll be entered to win a limited edition 9 movie book, and if yours is chosen we'll display it right at the top of the site (so make sure you're OK with everyone seeing it!).
If you photoshop a banner and use copyrighted images be sure to cite it, but (hint, hint) we'd love some original artwork (you can hand draw/paint/color something and scan it, if that's what you fancy) to have exclusively on the site.

As always send entries to before 10pm on September 9th, and come back tomorrow for another chance to win a book (After you enter the previous contests, of course!)

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