Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9 Movie Exclusives and Tim Burton Interviews has a two part 9 exclusive, part one was posted today and can be found here. There were some picture's included that I haven't seen yet (maybe you have, I don't know...):
Part two of this story comes out tomorrow.

A Tim Burton quote has been going around about his relationship with Johnny Depp:

"It's very nice to have someone that you can have a completely abstract conversation with and leave the room, feel like everything's fine, and then realize that if you pick it apart, you have absolutely no idea what either of you said." —Tim Burton [MTV]

And check out this Q&A with Tim over at,

What's your favorite animated film?
[Long pause] I'd have to pick something that had a lot of impact, which was "Jason and the Argonauts" [by] Ray Harryhausen. That really had an impact on me. The stop-motion animation and the kind of reality and scale of it at the time when I saw it was really amazing.

Would you ever want to remake that film? They're remaking "Clash of the Titans."
[Chuckles] I know. Nah, I think it was good.

How are things coming along with "Dark Shadows"?

I haven't really started that at all. I still have to finish "Alice." So that's a big job ahead of me. It's way too early. [Laughs] Probably in a year's time.

Any ideas that you've already been thinking up for it?

Well, just to try to capture the tone. It was a strange show, it has a strange vibe to it. And that's, I think, key to it.

"Alice" has been all over the place, with photos and trailers and you guys at Comic-Con.

Usually I don't talk about something before it's done. So it's been an odd situation because I [still] have so much work to do. I'm not scared of [all the special effects], per se, but I'm a bit daunted by the time and the unknown quality of it. But that makes it exciting as well.

What about "Frankenweenie"?

Still early. Like I said, the focus I have is "Alice." It's hard to think of anything else that requires a large amount of work.

But that's on the table.
Oh yeah, afterward, yeah. Exactly. Slowly get started.

I saw the latest "Harry Potter" last night, which stars your partner, Helena Bonham Carter. She makes a pretty mean baddie.
[Jokes] Yeah, she's a good witch. She had a lot of practice. She's good at that.

Does she ever come to you for tips on how to channel all that darkness?
No, she keeps it all personal. She keeps it all for her own uses, yeah. Witchcraft uses. [Laughs]

New York's Museum of Modern Art is doing an exhibit on you later this year. That was a little unexpected.

I feel like it's a weird dream—I'm not sure that it's real. But it's very exciting. That's probably more scary than a film, in a certain way. It feels a bit more exposing. I'm trying not to think too much about it. I'm trying to remove myself a bit from it—a bit of an out-of-body experience.

Your films have such a consistent, dark vision. Do you ever wake up wanting to do something crazy like a romantic comedy?
[Chuckles] No. Well, I thought "Sweeney Todd" was a romantic comedy in my mind. So, I think I've already done it. [Laughs] But not the way you're thinking, because that would be scary. But some of those are so scary, they're like horror movies anyway. They don't need my help.
Read it all at the link.

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