Thursday, September 3, 2009

Contest #4 Begins! HBC Look-alikes!

Alright, so perhaps we're starting a tad early, but we couldn't resist!  The fourth contest begins...NOW!  Okay, so your task (if you're entering) is to dress up as either HBC or some of her friends and make yourself look as much like her/them as possible!  The official rules can be found below!  HAVE FUN!

HBC and Friends Look-a-Like Contest Rules:

1:  Participants must attempt to look like one of the following people: Helena Bonham Carter, Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, or any other character from an HBC/Burton film.

2:  The photos sent in MUST be appropriate (keep in mind that many HBC fans may be below the age of 18)  This means: no inappropriate poses, no nudity (even if you really think you look like the person enough to lack clothing), etc.  

3:  A minimum of 3 props may be used in the photo.  Props are items that are not directly part of the person/character's costume.

4:  When you send in the photo, please include the following:  Name, description of your character, and your favorite thing about the character/person you chose to look like!  Short and simple descriptions are ideal.

5:  HAVE FUN!  Keep visiting HBCfan and tell your buddies about the contests! 

(The picture above is an example of an HBC look-alike.)

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