Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Contest #8 - Authors Wanted!

Hey all you Helena fans!  We've got another exciting contest for you all to win a limited edition 9 movie book!  And speaking of books, have you ever wanted to write about something from the world of Tim Burton?  Ever wanted to create a poem about Helena?  Well here's your chance!  The 8th contest is a Helena Bonham Carter or Tim Burton inspired poetry contest!  Think this sounds too difficult?  Well, you can write about something as simple as Helena's hair or style.  Think it sounds too easy?  Well, let's see what you can come up with!  The rules are below:

1) Include your name and a brief explanation (if needed) in the email.
2) Make sure punctuation and spelling is correct (unless a lack of it is part of the style).
3) Use your judgement! If your poem is too inappropriate, we cannot select it!
4) Be creative and don't be afraid to use humor!
5) The poem should be reasonably sized, but you may use your judgement on this as well!
 6) Please do not plagiarize! 

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