Monday, September 7, 2009

Elijah Wood talks about being a Stitchpunk

Elijah Wood was interviewed by The Examiner, you can read the entire interview here.

Here's a highlight:

How would you describe your "9" character?

[The character named] 1 has kind of created a rule over the others in a means of protecting themselves against the machines, and 9 comes to this world without any knowledge of all [of] the others, the machines. So he’s completely innocent. So there’s this sort of courage and questioning of the innocence he has that he brings to the others, who have stopped questioning and stopped looking for answers and remained sequestered. So it’s a very searching character, a very open [character] — not at all hindered by the fears that the other characters have. So it’s a lot of fun to play — definitely more courageous.

Can you compare your experience to working on "9" to working on "The Lord of the Rings" series?

[He gives a weary laugh.] This is going to happen for the rest of my life. I think there are parallels. I think it’s an adventure story. They [9 and Frodo Baggins] are different characters, but there’s a similarity in … being given a sense of responsibility and a sense of maybe a quest. In this film ["9"], the character is really driving the others to search. [The characters of] 1 through 8, for the most part, have stopped looking for answers. They’re totally hindered by fear and these machines that exist, so the function of 9 is really to put pressure on those characters. He’s a little bit more forthcoming with his drive for answers.

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