Thursday, August 20, 2009

9 Soundtrack

Vishal Dadlani, the lead vocalist for rock band Pentagram, recorded a song called 'There Will Be Nine' and he described it as, "the blend of electronica and rock that we're known for, but it will be edgier than usual, in keeping with the film and its vibe. We received a synopsis, character sketches, and a brief. That was pretty much all we needed to work on the track."

If you're wanting to get a copy of the 9 soundtrack why not start by entering to win a 9 prize package at Just fill out the short form, just but make sure that you're eligible by signing up for the newsletter (I would recommend it).

Five (5) winners will each receive One 9 Prize Bundle containing a T-shirt, Book, Official Soundtrack, and more!

And keep your eyes peeled for the HBCfanclub 9 Movie contest coming soon!

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