Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New, Never-Before-Seen Sketch by Shane Acker of 3&4

This image is a never-before-seen character design sketch drawn by Shane Acker during the initial conception of the characters 3 & 4 from the upcoming movie, 9.

About 3 & 4
Communicating visually, not verbally, 3 and 4 are the scholarly twins who voraciously catalogue everything they can see and find, recording and building a massive database for the group of the world that surrounds them and the history that led up to their creation.

If you have been following the Scientist's progress on Facebook and you'll be interested to know this:

As the battle against the machines grows increasingly hopeless, the Scientist has now created a Talisman to capture the last memories of the human race. The Talisman is one of the key new elements within the Scientist's lab on

The Talisman is a key component in the story of the movie "9"... a device integral to the film's Stitchpunk characters. Now fans can create their own Talisman to share their pictures and thoughts with friends. Check out and dive into the World Talisman, where user pics from around the world can be viewed in an "infinite zooming" gallery (trust me you have to experience it - this is the first website to ever do this). Then, create your own Personal Talisman by uploading your own photos, which can then be shared via email, blogs or social networks.

The Talisman holds the last hope for humanity, and is a groundbreaking technology steeped in the world and storyline of "9."

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