Sunday, August 23, 2009

D23-- Comic Con Gets Disney-ized

If you've been keeping up with the site you'll know that beginning September 10th Disney will be hosting what has been called a 'Pure Comic-Con' Expo in Anaheim California.

The LA Times says: "The event at the venerable Anaheim Convention Center will be a chance for Disney to promote feature films such as Burton's "Alice," "The Princess and the Frog" and "A Christmas Carol" but also will serve as a big tent for Disney's varied empire. Attendees will not only be offered the chance to buy new teen-pop CDs and vintage animation cels, for example, they also will be pitched travel packages for the Disney Cruise Line.

Some components of D23 may eventually travel beyond Anaheim -- perhaps those vintage items, considering the success of the touring "Harry Potter" exhibit -- but overall the expo is viewed as an annual Anaheim tradition in the making.

The D23 Expo is $35 a day (or less with multi-day passes) -- for programming that runs from 10 a.m. past 11 p.m."

You can read a lot more about the venue here.

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