Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lots Of News, I've Been A Bad Site Keeper Lately, So Now I'm Catching Up!

Alrighty, our favorite actor (and hottest), Johnny Depp, recently bought a Vineyard for his girlfriend Vanessa Paradis (in which he has two children with, Lily-Rose and Jack, but you already know that!), as a congrats for her hard work on her new album. Read the entire article at www.earthtimes.org.

IESB put out a new interview with our Sweeney trio, Tim, Johnny and Helena. I really wish I was able to do these kind of interviews! Someday...

Interviews: Depp, Burton, Carter and Rickman Slash Through Sweeney Todd!

Written by Andy Duke, Stephanie Sanchez
Monday, 26 November 2007

The London press day for Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd was held today. Set to open on Christmas, Sweeney Todd stars Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman and Sasha Baron Cohen.

IESB’s Andy Duke attended the roundtable interviews with Burton, Depp, Carter and Rickman and had a few interesting quotes to share. Complete transcripts are coming soon but here are the highlights!

Johnny Depp was asked about his shaving lessons he took along with Baron Cohen to help prepare for his character of the Demon Barber. “He [Cohen] still has scars on his back,” was his reply.

Tim Burton says about Depp, “he would do anything for me apart from ballet.” Depp quickly jumped in, “that's not true - I would be happy to learn ballet.” Laughter filled the press room.

Although daunted at the prospect of making his on screen musical debut, Depp took the preparation process in stride. “I had no idea if I could sing or not and recorded some demos at a friend's studio and sent them in to Tim Burton as my audition.”

And to say that Burton was not easy to impress would be an understatement. Helena Bonham-Carter said she had to audition for her part in the film. “I had to wait five weeks before he gave me feedback (regarding her singing audition).”

On being asked about this process with Helena, Burton’s comment got a big laugh, “that sounds really sleazy.”

Although reticent to discuss Harry Potter, Alan Rickman laughed about the recent rumor of a JK Rowling inspired musical; “who is shoving that around?” He further informed the IESB that there is an online porn version of the franchise making the rounds. (Harry Pooter is my vote for the title)

With a slasher musical like Sweeney Todd, it’s going to be interesting to see how the film fares in terms of Yule-tide competition at the box office.

Rickman commented, “it is the jolly Christmas option” for punters. He has two independent films due for release in January – “Bottle Shock” and “Nobel Son”.

Helena also has some big projects in store, she is due to have her second child with partner Tim Burton in two weeks time and said she'll be “breast feeding in time for the filming of Harry Potter 6 in February 2008.”

When asked about the HP franchise she commented, “it's made me very popular with kids although they all seem to be scared of me.”

Bonham Carter laughed about her 'baby bump', pointed to it and said, “we shag a lot.”

She also said about her on screen singing debut in Sweeney Todd – “it's a tall order to learn to sing in three months.”

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is unleashed on Christmas Day!

From www.thehollywoodnews.com.

Helena is beautiful, as we know, so I think www.tmz.com really needs to lay off and see how wonderful her style really is! It's great enough for me to try (but not exactly perfect) copy!
Here's what I'm talking about:

A radiantly pregnant Helena Bonham Carter left a London hotel on Monday, looking like she just spent 18 hours in labor. Nurse, a comb, stat!

Helena <span class=
Although glowing, the 41-year-old "Corpse Bride" star was dressed more appropriately for a Wild West saloon than a 21st Century mother-to-be. She's epidurable! Helena's second child with her boyfriend/employer, director Tim Burton, is due next month -- and so is an outfit change.

From www.the-leaky-cauldron.org
Rickman, Bonham Carter Talk "Harry Potter" and "Sweeney Todd" Rickman
Posted by: Sue
November 27, 2007, 10:17 AM

While in London recently promoting their new film “Sweeney Todd,” IESB.net reports that actors Alan Rickman and Helena Bonham Carter also mentioned their roles in the Harry Potter films. Actress Helena Bonham Carter states yet again that she will be back as Bellatrix Lestrange filming “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” in February of 2008. Alan Rickman was described as “reticent” to discuss his role as Professor Severus Snape, however the actor “laughed about the recent rumor of a JK Rowling inspired musical; “who is shoving that around?” He also joked about an adult film version of the series making the rounds as well. To read (Mature content and language in article) click here.

On a related note, IESB.net now has nine clips online from the upcoming film, which is based on the award winning musical by Stephen Sondheim. Via this link, you can see new footage of Helena Bonham Carter in a lovely piece set to the classic song “Not While I’m Around,” as well as a new clip of actor Timothy Spall (Peter Petigrew) and one featuring Alan Rickman at his chilling best as the evil Judge Turpin. Caution for Parents: The film, which has been rated “R” contains mature subject matter with violence, and is not suitable for young children.

Thanks to IESB!

Johnny was spotted shopping with Tim Burton, the article from www.celebrity-gossip.net. He's so great! Probably shopping for Jack, Lily-Rose or maybe Billy-Ray (or perhaps the little Helena-Burton that's on then way?) I like his hat and coat! *love*

A great interview with Johnny, not sure if I've already shared this with all of you, but anyways it has him singing! hurrah (and not just the little snippet from the preview) hooray!

And another, this one is HBC, Johnny, Tim and Alan Rickman talking about (and showing) some behind the scenes of Sweeney.

Now, I think that's it, Told you I had quite a bit of catching up to do! Next time I won't let myself get so behind!

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