Saturday, December 29, 2007

Oh my, I've been such a bad blog keeper!

So first off Sweeney has gotten great reviews (mostly), And named best movie of the year by multiple sources.
So if you (like me) haven't seen it yet (it's not playing in any theater within 100 miles of me!!! unfair... REALLY unfair huh?) you HAVE to see it, then go buy the soundtrack and sing endlessly of cannabalism and murder.

So here's the latest news:

No baby pictures yet and the name is still unknown. But keep looking because I'll post them as soon as they're released.

Recall when fans were called upon to ask questions of their favorite actor, Johnny, and director, Tim?
Well here's the end result of it all:
The complete and unscripted video interview between Johnny Depp and Tim Burton is now online. The two ask one another various questions about Sweeney Todd and more, submitted by fans, viewers, and Internet browsers to AOL Movies. Check it out!

The Nominees for the golden globes that Sweeney is sure to win:

- Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy:
Sweeney Todd (Parkes/MacDonald and Zanuck Company; DreamWorks/Paramount Distribution / Warner Bros. Pictures)

-Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy:
Helena Bonham Carter

-Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy:
Johnny Depp

-Best Director - Motion Picture:
Tim Burton

The 65th Golden Globe Awards will be broadcast on January 13th, 2008.


Tim Burton bought four pairs of biker boots for Helena Bonham Carter to celebrate the birth of their daughter.

The 49-year-old director bought every pair of lace-up boots in Helena's size from trendy shop Cop Copine, in north London's Hampstead area, to take to the hospital for his partner, who gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday night (15.12.07).

A source close to the couple told Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "Helena's not your typical diamonds girl so Tim thought she would appreciate a bit more thought and he knows how much she loves these black boots so he decided to buy her four pairs."

Helena and Tim, who already have a four-year-old son Billy Ray, are famed for their oddball lifestyle, and live in separate wings of their London home.

Helena recently revealed Tim was going to decorate their house over Christmas in a very distinctive way.

She said: "He decorates it with dead babies and slime balls and things. It looks lovely and glittery from afar, and then as you get closer, you realise it's rather gory."

Helena had to ask Johnny to be the Billy Ray's godfather on Tim's behalf, from From (December 21, 2007)

JOHNNY DEPP was surprised when he was asked to be godfather to director pal TIM BURTON’s son - because the quirky moviemaker couldn’t bring himself to do it himself.

Instead, Burton asked his wife Helena Bonham Carter to put the idea to the actor.
Depp was working alongside Burton on the set of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory when he received a message to call Bonham Carter urgently.

And the actor, who quickly agreed to be four-year-old Billy’s godfather, was puzzled that Burton hadn’t asked him personally.

He explains, “This is Tim Burton in a nutshell - we were doing Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and I was on the set… One of my pals comes up and says, ‘Helena just called. When you get a moment, she’d like you to give her a call back.’ “So I go back to the trailer, call Helena, and say, ‘Hey, what’s going on?…

Is everything all right?’ And she says, ‘Everything’s fine. But, well, you know how Tim is. He wants to know if you’d be… he’d like for you to be Billy’s godfather.’ “I say, ‘But I was just with Tim. I was with him three minutes ago. I had to leave him to walk back to the trailer to call you.’ “So she called me to ask because Tim just couldn’t. That was his way of asking. I went back to the set and said, `Thank you.’ I told him that I was honoured.

“It doesn’t get heavier than saying, `I’d like you to be the godfather of my son.’ But he’s not ever going to put himself into a corny kind of situation with a pal. He’s like, `Good, yeah, yeah.’ Boom. `Let’s get back into the work.’” Bonham Carter gave birth to her second child with Burton on Saturday (15Dec07), a girl whose name is currently unknown. Reports that the studio feared Sweeney's outcome:

Studio bosses bulked at proposals for TIM BURTON's SWEENEY TODD movie, because they feared a musical/horror film with no "pop songs" would bomb at the box office, according to the director himself. The maverick filmmaker struggled to win over movie bigwigs, not least when he opted to cast Johnny Depp - who has no previous singing experience - in the lead role. But Burton has praised Hollywood for greenlighting such a risky project. He tells British film magazine Empire, "What's weird is that they (the studios) are afraid of musicals anyway, but an R-rated musical with blood that's not based on pop songs, it's like, 'F**k!' "Then it was like, 'Um, can he (Depp) sing?' Nobody knew. I didn't know. So that's the joke of the whole thing. In a way, that's the surreal nature of Hollywood, so you have to love it for that because on paper, it's like the worst idea of all time!"

Johnny: the counsellor

Johnny Depp acted as a relationship counsellor for Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter on the set their new film.

The actor - who stars as murderous barber Sweeney Todd in musical movie 'Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street' - regularly helped his co-star Helena and her director boyfriend through their "domestics".

Helena said: "Johnny was very helpful because me and Tim would sometimes have little domestics and he was very diplomatic!"

The actress - who recently gave birth to a baby daughter, her second child with Tim - also said Johnny helped her remember her lines because she was pregnant when they shot the film.

She said: "Johnny was very thoughtful because I was pregnant and when you are pregnant, for the first three months it's difficult to concentrate on anything - all your energy goes into the baby.

"Sometimes he was off camera and when I had completely forgotten what Tim had told me, Johnny would just sign language, 'Look over there!' or whatever it was I needed to do, so that was particularly helpful!"

An article about Alice in Wonderland; it's good to see the project is still up and running, it makes me wonder what happened to the spook's apprentence...
Director Tim Burton is at it again! He will remake Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland stories but don’t worry because he promised to stay true to the stories’ true essence.

"It's just such a classic, and the imagery is so surreal," Burton recently said. "I don't know; I've never seen a version where I feel like they got it all. It's a series of weird adventures, and to try to do it where it works as a movie will be interesting."

"The stories are like drugs for children, you know?" Burton said. "It's like, 'Whoa, man.' The imagery, they've never quite nailed making it compelling as a full story. So I think it's an interesting challenge to direct."

Burton will combine both live and animated characters which should be AMAZING!

The movie will start filming early next year.

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