Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jonah Hill gives up Transformers 2 for 21 Jump Street, why? Because he's AWESOME!!!


Jonah Hill Explains Transformers Slip and 21 Jump Street PlansJonah Hill Explains Transformers Slip And 21 Jump Street Plans

Given the choice between Transformers 2 and an update of an oldJohnny Depp TV show, it's pretty obvious which option most of us would take. But Jonah Hill is clearly not like the rest of us-- for more than just the obvious reasons-- and recently turned down a sidekick role in the Transformers sequel to executive produce and maybe star in a movie version of the late-80s TV show 21 Jump Street. The choice left us with a lot of questions, and hey look! MTV Movies has some answers! Hill seems to have avoided getting a big head in the wake of Superbad's success, and figured, as far as Transformers went, he had a bit more proving to do in comedies first. “I'm not proven yet,” he told MTV. “I've only been in one movie that people have seen that I've been the lead in so like, um, I could still suck in people's minds, they don't know yet!” Fair enough. He's probably exaggerating how much of an impact he would have on Transformers-- after all, Shia LaBeouf would still actually be the star-- and you figure he would have been playing pretty much the exact same role he did in Superbad, just modified for a PG-13 rating. But still, that's a nice sign of humility from an actor who could be expected to have gone the “Forget y'all, I'm famous!” route by now.

And as for that Johnny Depp retread? Hill may be helping you rest easily when he says “If it doesn't turn out funny, I promise we will not make it.” Now the only question becomes what exactly comes under Jonah Hill's definition of “funny,” (he was in Strange Wilderness, after all) and whether or not the powerful people who will make money off of this movie would actually let him pull the plug. Like Hill himself said in the earlier paragraph, he's not that special yet.

Jonah Hill hasn't really hit a backlash yet, even though he seemed to be everywhere last summer. With an attitude like this one, he may avoid one altogether. I may come to eat these words, but for now at least, he seems to have his head on his shoulders. Even if 21 Jump Street still seems like an insane idea for a movie.


A collection of Burton music--
this CD is not composed of the same versions of the music by Danny Elfman, Howard Shore (Ed Wood) and Stephen Sondheim, that we're familiar with. Instead, these are new recordings of those pieces, played by the City of Prague Philharmonic--will be available in the UK on June 16th, 2008, and in the US on July 7th, 2008.

A list of the tracks:

1. Main Titles – Sweeney Todd
2. No Place Like London – Sweeney Todd
3. A Little Priest – Sweeney Todd
4. Johanna – Sweeney Todd
5. Christmas Eve Montage – The Nightmare Before Christmas
6. The Piano Duet/Victor’s Piano Solo – Corpse Bride
7. End Titles – Sleepy Hollow
8. Themes - Batman
9. End Titles – Batman Returns
10. Main Title/Ice Dance – Edward Scissorhands
11. Finale – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
12. Beetlejuice - Beetlejuice
13. Breakfast Machine – Pee-wee’s Big Adventure
14. Main Title – Ed Wood
15. Mars Attacks! – Mars Attacks


Sweeney Todd Region 2 DVD 2 disk set was released today in the UK; the extra features are:

- Behind the scenes featuring: Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter

- Musical Mayhem: Sondheim's Sweeney Todd (featurette)

- Sweeney Todd is Alive: The Real History of the Demon Barber (featurette)

- Sweeney's London (featurette)

- Recreating Fleet Street (featurette)

- Grand Guignol: A Theatrical Tradition (featurette)

- Sketchbook (a look at the creation of sketches of the story)

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