Monday, June 29, 2009

Johnny Depp cast as Tonto in 'Lone Ranger'

Remember those end credits in “Grumpy Old Men” that had Burgess Meredith reciting a hilarious laundry list of sexual double-entendres? Well, now I have a new favorite perverse phrase – thanks to the biggest movie star in the world.

As we all remember, Johnny Depp was announced not too long ago as the star of a “Lone Ranger” movie – but instead of playing the man in the mask, he was set to play the Ranger’s Kemo Sabe. So naturally, when I spoke to Depp recently at the premiere of his new film “Public Enemies,” I had to get a status report. My question came out thusly: “So, are you workin’ on your Tonto?”

“That sounds lewd,” he said with a grin. “Am I workin’ on my Tonto?”

Depp’s fans are well-aware of his fondness for infantile humor, and one of his co-stars in “Enemies” told me that between takes in a death scene, he and Depp would try and come up with the most outrageous slang-name for a sexual act (Dirty Sanchez, anyone?). Being no highbrow myself, we both got a giggle out of my unusual phrasing in the heat of the moment.

“Well, at one point, I will work on my Tonto,” Depp added, expanding his answer. “I think I have some pretty decent ideas.”

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