Monday, July 27, 2009 Talisman Challenge Clue

The Hunt Begins! This image is part of a larger image, with a
code that activates a decoder on There are 9 pieces to the puzzle that you have to locate to find the code. There will be one Grand Prize winner selected who will win a pair of the limited edition Pony shoes created exclusively for "9," and 8 runner ups that will receive promotional prize packs of movie-related merchandise. The winners will be randomly selected based on their entries to once they've solved the pierced-together images and visited the site.

So go on and find the rest of the pieces, happy hunting!

This is a message from 9Scientist's Facebook page:


As I write this, armies of the globe clash outside our windows. Our Chancellor has done his best to make our once glorious nation the enemy of the world.

After the Chancellor's men confiscated my research documents, he dealt a crippling blow to my continued research. I have tried to work as hard as possible to refine my findings in the Dark Sciences, but I am missing a specific document, and seem to have hit a roadblock.

It is now up to you, my friends, to find this design. I, of course, cannot get near the Chancellor's archives, as I am being watched too closely. But I can guide you.

1. Before my design was confiscated, I scrawled 4 green alchemical symbols on it. I hope that the government has not realized the significance of these symbols.

2. The design was taken, ripped up, and the pieces were scattered across 9 secret locations.

3. You must find the pieces, in your journeys, and realign the sequence of alchemical symbols.

4. Input the appropriate alchemical symbols into my decoder and you will be able to unlock the design for me to use in my research.

5. You have 1 week before another round of War Machines rolls off the assembly line.

Good luck,
The Scientist


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