Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tim Burton to Direct Sleeping Beauty Revamp???

That's right, Tim Burton *may* make a live action Sleeping Beauty (yes, another Disney story could become Burton-ized) that is told from the point of view of Maleficent, the evil Witch (is it to be called "Maleficent" as well.) Aintitcool.com says:
She was always the most interesting character in that story, but we never knew why she hated those three little fairy wenches... or what indignity she suffered at the hands of Aurora's parents. Yeah, I'm on board... if only it ends with Maleficent with a sword in her heart in dragon form. Cuz that'll rule. Think about how long this plotline was carried out over. She has quite a tale to tell. Let's see where it pops up in Burton's filmography. We're hearing that DARK SHADOWS is stumbling a bit... Let's see what Tim does next, he has some interesting choices before him.
More news to come!

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  1. Most people really don't want him to do this because they think that he will just make Helena play Maleficent, but I think that would actually be really cool!