Thursday, May 27, 2010

The HBC ipod Challenge! Try it!

Alright HBC fans, so I was having lunch with the incredible founder of the site, Sierra, and we were reveling in the fact that it was the week of Helena's birthday. Wanting to switch up our usual routine of completing each other's HBC quote-sentences, etc. I proposed that we come up with a new activity to honor our favorite actress. Needless to say, the Helena Bonham Carter iPod Challenge was born! Check it out:
To play, you need a buddy and an iPod (or other MP3 player).
Set your player to 'shuffle' and then start playing random songs. For each song, you and your friend must find a connection between the song and Helena.

Example: The song 'Wicked Game' by Chris Isaak comes up. You might connect the title of the song to Helena's role of the evil witch Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter series.

It's just a fun little game to brighten your day!

We want you to play this game and let us know the different connections you made! The best will be featured (with your permission) on the site! So have at it, and happy listening!

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