Sunday, June 27, 2010

No! Don't Do This!

The internet is saying that an Edward Scissorhands remake is being thought of, and Robert Pattinson would star in it. []

OK, this is just not allowed. It doesn't even matter who would play Edward, the original is recognized as a beautiful, amazing and nearly perfect film, and those attributes could not possibly be captured in a remake with new people. The things that made it so great depended on so many talented people all doing the best work they could, from Tim Burton's vision of it and directing it to make the story in his head be what's on screen, to Johnny Depp's acting, to Danny Elfman's GORGEOUS score (that I often just listen to and marvel at how perfect it is), to Colleen Atwood's costumes, and SO many other people that worked together really well and complimented each other's skills and talents. A remake wouldn't be able to even be half as great as the original.

So, I'm really hoping that this is just another internet rumor, so far there isn't much for confirmation. I can't imagine Tim Burton being OK with this. If there is any kind of progression towards it getting made, I apologize now for all  my ranting about it that is sure to come.

~ A very concerned and outraged Sierra.

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