Tuesday, November 20, 2007

November 20th, A New HBC pic, Sweeney, Johnny Being Wonderful (as always), And Tim Talks Batman and Nicholson

This picture of our Helena was taken yesturday, November 19th.

So, from http://www.variety.com
("You know that Christine Jorgensen freak?
He... She... It's in Variety.

Some producer's
makin' a biopic.

Really? I didn't
read that story.

Yes, I've got
Mr Edward Wood on the line.
Could you please hold?

Mr Weiss?
Ed Wood here.
Listen, I heard about your
new project and I was curious
if you'd signed a director yet.
Oh, you haven't!
Well, if we could get together,
I could explain to you...
why I'm more qualified to direct
this than anyone else in town.
Well, I'd rather not
go into that over the phone
All right.

I'll see you then.

Eddie, I don't understand.
Why are you the most qualified director
for the Christine Jorgensen story?

Oh, it's just hogwash, hon.
I had to get into the door somehow.
My apologies for that little interruption...

Anyways, an article about Sweeney...

This is great! So Tim says (from http://www.thaindian.com)

(ANI): According to film director Tim Burton, Johnny Depp has no inflated ego about how handsome he is.

While at an interview at the Rose Theatre on Nov 14, the 49-year-old, who directed Depp in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, said that the actor was not one of those who looked at himself all the time.

“I like actors who don’t look at themselves all the time, on the monitor after takes, and Johnny’s one of them,” New York Daily quoted Burton, as saying.

“I’m not sure he’s seen any of the movies we’ve made together, he said.

Depp is so nonchalant about the way he looks that on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, he wanted to wear a big nose. He always wants to do a change-of-appearance type of thing. We talked him out of that, Burton said. (ANI)

Isn't Johnny just so great?!?! *love*

And Tim talks about his Batman films and the wonderful
performance by Jack Nicholson
(who was also in Tim's Mars Attacks, Ack Ack!)
Read about it at http://moviesblog.mtv.com.

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