Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sweeney Posters, Designing Sweeney, and Helena's "Pregnancy Gripes"

Five new Sweeney posters have been released, here's the complete set of them all:

From The Envelope, "Styling Sweeney"
Oscar-winning production designer Dante Ferretti brings a dark and bloody Victorian England to its full Grand Guignol life in Tim Burton's "Sweeney Todd," a gothic horror tale of revenge and love based on Stephen Sondheim's Tony-winning musical. Originally, it was planned that there would be minimal sets built for the film starring Johnny Depp as the demon barber of Fleet Street. The majority of the design would be done with computer graphics.

"Then we started to prepare the movie, we thought maybe it would be better to build it on a set and then complete it with CGI," says Ferretti. "We built everything from scratch. It's not difficult to do a movie in all visual effects, but this kind of movie, actors have to be surrounded by something that is real." Ferretti says that, visually, "Sweeney Todd," which opens next month, is two movies. The reality is "very dark and very heavy" -- Todd's barbershop, for example, is sparsely furnished, almost institutional, with a big window the main light source. But the flashbacks and dream sequences are more colorful and lush, such as Sweeney's daughter's bedroom.

Here's 5 of Helena's gripes from, click the link to read the rest.

The RK office just loves this article in the current issue of Blackbook magazine, by actress Helena Bonham Carter on things that annoy her while she's pregnant. It's so good, we're just going to reprint it in full. Enjoy!

Here is my knee-jerk list of the little things in life that irritate. (I’m pregnant, so basically everything annoys me.) Such as:

1. People-particularly men-saying with surprise, “You’re still drinking caffeine?” as if I’m performing a criminal act on my unborn as I tuck into my treasured one-a-day cup of tea/coffee. Yeah. You try nine months of gestation and self-abnegation before you start censoring my diet. Your mother was probably on vodka, and do you have three heads?

2. People who say, “Is there another in there?,” or, “Wow, you are soooo big!!!” One might not be technically fat, but still “big” does not work for me.

3. People I don’t know who, unsolicited, guess, with absolute conviction, what sex of child I’m going to have. (I have no idea.)

4. Seeing actresses in films and models in catalogues pretending to be pregnant with a solitary neat football of a bump on an otherwise unchanged body. Haven’t they noticed that everything inflates… boobs, bum, legs.

5. The congestion charge in London. And the fact you can’t buy a bulk amount of credit in advance, which means that if you forget to pay, you get charged for your amnesia.

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