Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I know this has nothing to do with the site but I'm very dissapointed with the Heroes season finale...

But that's not what I'm here to talk about (although Adam is pretty cool.... too bad Hiro burried him alive.... Stupid Syler!!)

Helena Says... (all from http://www.contactmusic.com)

"I haven't watched the film. I wish I wasn't in it because I know I'd love it." HELENA BONHAM CARTER refuses to watch herself in boyfriend TIM BURTON's new movie musical SWEENEY TODD.

and HELENA BONHAM CARTER struggled through dancing scenes in new movie musical SWEENEY TODD because she was three months pregnant with director TIM BURTON's child. To make matters worse, her dancing partner, Johnny Depp, didn't know how to waltz. But the brave Brit battled through headaches and morning sickness to shoot the scenes because she promised Burton she could take on the challenging role of Mrs. Lovett. She tells WENN, "It was kind of unfortunate because I was really pregnant by then and we had to get on the spinning machine because that was the only way to work it out was to spin. I had morning sickness and motion sickness because I was in my first trimester. It was hellish. "Coming off caffeine, for the baby, was a big blow to me, so I had a headache and that's probably why I felt so spaced out. It's hard to concentrate because the first few months of pregnancy your hormones are worse than anything else." And Bonham Carter admits her life away from the set was a struggle too - because her partner insists on taking his work home with him. He adds, "Seeing those (fake) fingers, knees and legs hanging around in the house, where they'd store body parts, was awful."
Poor Helena....
And Johnny Says.... JOHNNY DEPP credits punk icon IGGY POP and horror movie stars LON CHANEY and BORIS KARLOFF with helping him create the character of SWEENEY TODD for pal TIM BURTON's new movie musical. The actor, who famously found inspiration for his Pirates Of The Caribbean character Jack Sparrow in Keith Richards, turned to another rocker for his spark as he prepared to play the musical demon barber of Fleet Street. He says, "Iggy has a beautiful deep quality about him and he's a real crooner, so that's where the musical element of Todd came from, I guess. "And early on, Tim and I spoke about silent film and the king of silent cinema, especially the horror genre, was Lon Chaney Sr. So using him was an inspiration, as was Boris Karloff. We liked the classic, iconic image of movie monsters."

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Johnny is Bloody Good In Sweeney!

From http://www.celebrity-gossip.net

Johnny Depp Sings in Sweeney Todd (yes, but we already know that!)

New York City was the place to be for “Pirates of the Caribbean” alumni last night! While Keira Knightley was across town for the premiere of “Atonement,” Johnny Depp was over at the Zeigfeld Theatre hamming it up for his new flick “Sweeney Todd.”

Depp was looking dapper for the cameras, which begs the question, “Do the clothes make the man, or is it the man that makes the clothes?”

More Screen Caps from Helena-World

Depp plays "punk rock Sweeney Todd" in new film

From http://www.cinematical.com/

Several people who have attended the first critic's screenings of Sweeney Todd -- a.k.a., not me -- are declaring themselves totally wowed, although they're all bending over backwards to respect an embargo. Jeff Wells at Hollywood-Elsewhere was so impressed by the film that he declared Tim Burton's decade-long decline to be now officially reversed. He also speculated that Sweeney Todd may be Burton's best film since 1988's Beetlejuice -- high praise, indeed. Wells even goes a little overboard, stating that "at times it melted me like a candle. I was lifted, moved. I was never not aroused." Okay, we get it Jeff -- the movie better live up to that embarrassing hyperbole.

Tom O'Neil at The Envelope starts his review thusly -- "'Sweeney Todd' is the best pic of 2007" -- pretty straightforward, no? "Everybody whose opinion I pooled after the screening tonight said they thought the movie and Johnny Depp were brilliant," he goes on to say. But like Wells, he thinks the film may see its Best Picture hopes held up by a childishly heavy focus on gore. There are apparently rivers of blood in this film, to the point that even some who enjoyed the film tremendously claimed to be turned off by that aspect.

David Poland joins the chorus of cheers, predicting that Depp will win the Best Actor award for his performance as the demon barber and saying that the film demands multiple viewings just to take it all in. Okay, you've twisted my arm -- I'll go see it.

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