Sunday, May 11, 2008

Johnny to do The Ginger Man?


Johnny has Depp feeling for Donleavy classic tale

By Barry Egan

Sunday May 11 2008

IN at the Depp end? I should hope so -- for JP Donleavy's sake at any rate.

American movie star, Johnny Depp is due in Ireland in mid-June to meet writer JP Donleavy, about finally adapting his book The Ginger Man for the big screen.

Depp, who has long been mooted to play the lead of drunk, no-good rake, Sebastian Dangerfield, in JP's depraved literary classic, is believed to be flying over from his home in France with his wife, Vanessa Paradis, for an informal meeting with JP at his farm in Westmeath.

There is also talk of a party -- possibly an all-night one attended by Ginger Man devotee Shane MacGowan, and his lovely muse cum angel-heart, Victoria Mary Clarke -- which, given the sensuous subject matter of the book, doesn't sound beyond the realms of possibility.

JP and Johnny might even get round to signing a deal.

Being a ginger man myself, I'll drink to that.

- Barry Egan

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