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May 17th news

A picture from Burton produced "9" from

Acker's spooky 9 (pictured below) casts mute figures made of burlap in a post-apocalyptic scenario. The 11-minute stop-motion film caught the eye of Corpse Bride director Tim Burton. With Burton's backing, Acker is now making a feature-length version of his mutant doll fantasy for Focus Features.


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A lucky girl met Johnny story from
Meeting Depp

By TERRI PEDERSON/Staff Reporter

Beaver Dam Middle School sixth-grade student Emily Valle got to meet both mayor Tom Kennedy and actor Johnny Depp on Tuesday.

Beaver Dam Middle School sixth-grade student Emily Valle got to meet both mayor Tom Kennedy and actor Johnny Depp on Tuesday.

A sixth-grade student got the chance of her lifetime on Tuesday when she met Mayor Tom Kennedy. Oh yeah, and she met Johnny Depp as well.

Depp was in Beaver Dam for the filming of his role as John Dillinger in "Public Enemies." Kennedy had already visited the movie scene and happened upon Emily Valle as she was playing with about half a dozen of her friends around 6:30 p.m. downtown.

"I already met Depp at the hotel," Kennedy said. "I was at the hotel earlier and then I went to Madison. When I got back to town, I noticed that they were still filming."

Kennedy said he had just dropped his wife off to get her hair done when he walked downtown and came across the children.

After introducing himself to the youth, the talk about Johnny Depp began. The youth wanted to come with him, but Kennedy felt they would all be turned away if he brought them all along. He chose Valle to walk with him to The Rogers, whihc had been transformed into the Congress Hotel where Dillinger had been arrested in the 1930s.

Valle called her mother and got her permission to follow the mayor.

"She spent about two hours by the hotel with me," Kennedy said.

Not only did she get to spend time with the mayor, but she also got to meet Johnny Depp.

"Johnny Depp shook hands with me and he asked my name, and I said Emily," Valle said.

Depp autographed a slip of paper and told her, "It's a pleasure."

Valle exited the interview by telling Depp that he was a good actor and thanking him.

Friends at school have asked Valle about the meeting.

"I say that he's pretty nice," Valle said.

The autograph is now in the hands of Valle's teacher who is laminating it for her.

For the rest of us, we'll have to wait 'til the summer of 2009 for ther next dose of "Public Enemies," when the movie comes to the theaters.

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