Thursday, May 8, 2008

Update For May 8th

~HBC to attend a 'Sex and the City' party in London on Sunday night, that is if Tim will watch the kids =].
Detales at
Enter To Win Tickets at
(entry link at the bottom of page)

~Speaking of the Burton family, they were spotted out walking in Hampstead.


Photos by

One more below.


~Another Enter To Win; Sweeney Todd DVD and razor (no, It's not a super cool single balde like in the movie, it's a panasonic, I know it got my hopes up too!)
Got To:

~The story of two Wisconsin locals that were extras in 'Public Enemies' can be read at

~A Sweeney Todd review by (braodway version, not Burton/Depp/HBC, sorry) at the link.

That's All For Tonight, But Remember to Watch Out For All Of Those Nasty Ankle-Bitter Gnomes Out There!

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