Monday, July 6, 2009

HBC on her role of Bellatrix Lestrange

Helena talked to the daily record about her role in the Potter films among other things in the following interview:

Harry Potter star Helena Bonham Carter insists she and gothic director Tim Burton are just another couple

WHEN first came to fame in a string of period dramas, she was hailed as film's ultimate English rose - and no one hated the title more than Helena Bonham Carter.

Yet for a decade, she won legions of fans as Britain's corset queen, twirling her parasol in A Room With a View and Howard's End. But the actress is now best known for her gothic characters, such as Bellatrix in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

"It's always puzzled me," she said. "I look very much like my mother's side, which is heavily Jewish. There's Austrian, Czech and Russian blood, so I couldn't look less English.

"And now I'm 42, so God knows that English rose has definitely wilted."

Yet Helena admits that when partner Tim Burton confessed he had never seen her early movies, she made him sit through her old period pictures.

When the director finally emerged from the movie marathon, she said: "He said, 'I can't believe it. I must be in love.'"

Despite their shared taste in big hair-styles, Helena and Tim couldn't seem more different. Helena is the great-great-granddaughter of former British Prime Minister Herbert H. Asquith, while Tim is from Burbank, a suburb of Los Angeles.

However, despite many predicting it wouldn't last, the couple have found an eccentric contentment together.

They currently sleep in his house, have breakfast at hers, and conduct their lives in their own spaces.

"It's fine, you can see each other when you want to,'' she explained."I'm surprised when people find it weird.''

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(The Leaky Cauldron summed up the same interview, only including the bits about Harry Potter, you can read that HERE.)

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