Thursday, July 30, 2009

A sneak peek at Tim Burton's MoMA exhibit

As reported earlier, Tim Burton will be featured at the Museum of Modern Art, with original burton drawings following his 27 years in film featuring of course Helena and Johnny Depp characters, among others.
Here are a few of the pieces that will be at MoMA:

Tim Burton, "Untitled (Trick or Treat)" (1980). Pen and ink, marker, and collage elements on board.

"Creature Series drawing" (1992). Acrylic on canvas.

"Untitled (Edward Scissorhands)" (1990). Pen and ink and pencil on paper.

"Untitled (Romeo and Juliet)" (1981–84). Pen and ink, marker, and colored pencil on paper.

"Blue Girl With Wine" (circa 1997). Oil on canvas.

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